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1st experience with 5-meo-dmt

Recently I got a gram of lab made freebase 5-meo-dmt and last night I decided to give it a go. Had a relaxing day got my ducks in a row. I used my battery operated dab to take the 5-meo (a clone of the Dr. Dabber boost). My housemate was my sober sitter. I meditated for a while to set my intention and quite my mind. Stuck on some chill music on YouTube. Weighed out 5mg of the powder loaded up my bowl stuck on the carb cap and power up the rig gave it a few seconds to heat and then hit, held it until my vision began to vibrate this is my first experience with any form of dmt so I did not know what to expect the rush was amazing and I started to giggle and laugh I’m typically a stoic guy my housemate said he had never seen my laugh like that before all in the effects lasted about 3 minutes no breakthrough but very very pleasurable. The after effects we very chill. I took an hour and hit again this time 10mg this was quite intense I found the body load to be quite unusual I felt a bit nauseous and I got the sweat’s again no breakthrough but I think I was getting close I could feel that there was something with me while I was under the influence not as giggly I did speak to the universe and asked it for guidance. I was out for about 15 minutes this time again very chill after effects. I smoked a small joint while processing what had happened. I went to bed after my spilff and listened to music while I fell asleep. I don’t normally sleep very well waking up multiple times a night but last night I slept from 2am until 9am. All in I like it I think next time I’ll go to a 11mg dose as I think I was close to breakthrough on the 10mh dose. Earlier in the week I asked the sub for advice on my first foray into 5-meo-dmt to those of you who gave me advice I thank you. stay safe people and happy Halloween.

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  1. I’m with ya on the insomnia thing, wake up every hour or so, never hitting REM sleep, ever since early teens, but after I drink ayahuasca I sleep like a baby.

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