5 gram mushroom trip report


I planned trip a couple week prior to February 9th and even took the days off work. I’m part time so I definitely have the time to do so because I work at a local fast food joint and live with my parents. Around 4 pm I posted here that I was taking 5 dried grams of mushrooms and was just wanting to observe comments and certain opinions of what people think about it. To say the least I was very humbled going into this trip for sure and it was pretty eventful. I thought I was surrendering and I was at first but then I lost my grip and was just all over the place. It was terrifyingly beautiful, being in the dark listening to cars go by and only hearing your thoughts formulate certain words and patterns. I remember at 9:06 I I grabbed the mason jar with 5 grams in it prior so I wouldn’t have to scale it out, and I just started chomping away 2-3 mushrooms at a time and washing them down with water. I don’t have taste because I lost it 8 months ago to Covid so that really worked out in my favor. I didn’t realize that I was very anxious then about it my heart was racing faster than a cheetah chasing a gazelle. I don’t know how to put it in words but I knew I was fine it was just the built up anxiety from actually taking 5 grams of mushrooms, I was surrendering at first just meditating with my instrument , I think it’s call a sound pan or whatever where you hit it with mallets. I was doing that for 10 minutes and then just laid down after words. The mushrooms hit me 30 minutes after ingesting and I did this all on a empty stomach. I made sure to to eat a healthy meal 6 hours prior to the mushroom trip. I grew these mushrooms myself so it was pretty cool I was telling myself “I birthed these motherfuckers” in actuality it seemed like I was getting reborn by them. The mushrooms definitely humbled me for sure. I started getting sensations in my head and then fractals started to form in little spirals and different sorts of patterns. This is it I’m coming up on a 5 gram mushroom trip, a dose I’ve never touched in my lifetime of being. My body felt really heavy like I was attached to the ground and everything around me felt so vivid. Sensations were moving all around and I felt it most at the bottoms of my feet, my feet were melting and I just laid there melting with them. I then pictured hell but wasn’t afraid at all. I pictured this one native boy with ancient clothes on it seemed like , he had long brown hair probably down to his stomach. He was in a meditative position and then the vivid picture randomly disappear as I thought it would, my eyes are still closed and then got a text from my mentor, I made a mistake , I went on my phone and I paid the price for it,t mentor went on to saying that they were trying to do everything on their own and that nothing is going as planned and said “don’t guilt trip me” that really threw me off. It’s almost like I was in the passengers seat but now I was holding to the window for dear life because it was going too fast. I was looping hard for a couple minutes, I knew this wasn’t a good feeling and started putting on music to lighten the vibe . It did a little bit I wasn’t thinking too much about the text anymore but I did find myself going on my phone a lot because I didn’t wanna be so lost in that text she sent me so I just told her I loved her and that she has muscle “metaphorical muscle .” I then proceeded to get up to go the bathroom because I really needed to piss so I opened the door to a bright hallway , I could walk but not normally lol. I was pissing and the walls were caving in and out I can’t explain it to well. It’s around 11:30 and I’m just tryna relax but I couldn’t , I wasn’t surrendering anymore I found out that I was more or so fighting and I lost the battle , I was coming down around 12:30 and I just watched an episode of one piece and the next 2-3 hours I was talking to a buddy on Reddit and watching love death and robots. I went back upstairs and fell asleep and it’s no sheets because I washed them the day of and didn’t feel like putting them back on that same night at 4 am. What did I learn ? I lacked common sense and was more or so on my mpg one more than I realized, that my trip report mush love to everybody until next time 🙂 thankful to be alive

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