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Hey guys i have a question for anyone who’s knowledgeable on the subject, if i have a tab of acid, i think it’s roughly 150 micrograms, and i put it into a drink and let it dissolve into the drink, how do you measure how much you can take, how long the trip will last if it’s the same or even what drinks work best for that type of thing, for me it’s no problem i’ve tripped plenty of times to take a tab, however i’m doing it with a friend and we both think it’d be best for her to start small and i recommended shrooms but there’s none around and i have this tab i just got yesterday, whatever you guys have for me i would appreciate i’m very clueless on this specific topic

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8 thoughts on “Acid in beverage

  1. emilyaintaspicyname says:

    A chemist here! If you dilute in liquid (which is an option) it has to be done a specific way (protected from light(wrap in aluminum foil), diluted in ONLY distilled water, and for like over 24hrs). That being said you can get a better/more even /dosage by diluting in liquid Vs cutting the tab BECAUSE if the chemist who dosed the tab put a drop on it, you don’t know where the drop is/which part of that tiny square has more LSD on it than other parts of that square…but if the tab was soaked in LSD (which most synthesizers do not do) then cutting wouldn’t be a problem because it would be even on the whole square

    …Unless the chemist who made that Lucy SOAKED the paper (which I doubt) then it’s probably not like even 300ug. However who knows?

    Edit:diluting in distilled water usually used for microdosing, I can say the LSD while water soluble will take a while to leech out of that paper. The hotter and more light exposure, faster the degradation.

  2. Ericrobertson1978 says:

    You shouldn’t have put it in the soda. Especially if you’re planning on saving some for later use. Being submerged in soda isn’t great storage conditions.

    It’ll be unpredictable with drinking it. I’d drink half and wait 2 hours then drink the other if I feel underwhelmed.

    Next time, just cut it in half and store it in a dark airtight container. Somewhere cool, but I don’t recommend the freezer or fridge due to condensation issues.

    Stay safe, have fun, and research LSD for a few more hours at some point if you haven’t already. That’s my obligatory harm reduction thing. Research the absolute fuck outta any chemical you are considering putting in your body before you do it. It’s safer that way to say least he fully informed in the subject.

    I’m glad you posted and are getting some pretty solid responses.

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