Am I not taking enough?


So I recently got into mushrooms, and the first time I took them was a few months ago. I think they were golden teachers. I took about 1.5g, and I tripped pretty good about 4 hours later, but it literally only lasted like 30 min then just felt like I was giggly after. Pretty underwhelming. Last week I finally bought my own, Alacabenzi cubensis (as well as penis envy but haven’t tried those yet). I bought 14g of each kind. So anyway I tried to lemon tek about 3g, but it was nasty so I didn’t finish it all and instead ate a few mushies with chocolate. I set aside everything for the whole day so I had no plans but this, I stocked up on snacks, ordered McDonald’s too. But nothing really happened?? I got emotional talking about my cats (pretty much bawled), then nothing but jelly-arms the rest of the night. Was so disappointed. Am I doing something wrong? I feel like I took so much! I mean I am overweight so maybe I need to take more to feel more?? I’m going to try again on Friday but with the penis envy. I feel like I really need some sort of revelation or spiritual moment, and was hoping shrooms were the way to go. Should I just eat a shit ton and hope for the best? Haha

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