Antipsychotics and Psilocybin


Hi everyone,

I’m on a high dose of Latuda, an antipsychotic, and recently acquired a few psilocybin chocolate bars with known concentration. Would I be able to trip off of these? How long would I need to come off the medicine to feel the effects? Also, even if I weren’t seeking psychedelic effects, would I still gain the neuroplastic benefits of psilocybin on the antipsychotic? I want to use this 80% therapeutically and 20% for fun if that makes sense lol thanks y’all!

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4 thoughts on “Antipsychotics and Psilocybin

  1. taoistchainsaw says:

    Hi friend, I would be extremely cautious, and would ask this of someone with a higher degree of knowledge than a random subreddit.
    This is a question for your primary care, psychiatrist or maybe pharmacist.

  2. OdiumNatus says:

    Please be sure to micro dose first. Or at least the most mild dose possible to still feel the effects. Move up slowly and gradually. For therapeutics sake and your own health. Enjoy your journey.

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