Are B+ or Golden Teachers better for beginners?


One of my friend’s is interested in taking a ride on the the magic fungus. I’ve heard that B+ and Golden Teachers are both good for novices, but comparatively which one is easier for the average beginner?

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3 thoughts on “Are B+ or Golden Teachers better for beginners?

  1. greyposter says:

    I actually happen to currently have both of those handy at they moment.

    In my experience the GT are very gentle, maybe even “weak” by some people’s standards. I wolf them down and go for solid doses.

    B+ is a little more intense all around, so I tend to dose more carefully with them.

    But ultimately they’re both p. cubensis, so this could just be my individual batches, and the differences in experience psychosomatic.

  2. Human-Lychee8619 says:

    Golden teacher. I highly disagree with “A cube is a cube”. There are many differences between various cubensis strains and as we learn more about the active chemicals in each strain, the more we learn there are differences between cubensis. Golden teachers are quite gentle, B+ has a heavier body load. I find that body load is great for body work,but can cause some discomfort and can create a more difficult experience if you’re unfamiliar with navigating the mushroom effects. Always go with the trip, never fight it. If you feel uncomfortable, let yourself sit in that discomfort and breathe through it. You have to learn how to let the mushrooms do their work, and sometimes their work involves energetic/body work. Which I find B+ to be helpful with. But I typically don’t eat B+ bc everytime it causes too much of a body load. Golden teachers are light and easy and quite gentle. A cube is not just a cube.

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