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Can I take a melatonin during shroom trip to help sleep after?


I just tripped 1g last night for the first time and felt so good that I didn’t want to sleep and had trouble sleeping. If I take some shrooms about 1.5-2g around 8, could I take a melatonin around 11 to help me sleep sooner?

Sorry if this sounds illiterate on the topic of shrooms I just started learning and using.

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6 thoughts on “Can I take a melatonin during shroom trip to help sleep after?”

  1. I don’t see why not, it’s worth a try. The shrooms won’t let you sleep till they wear off but I don’t see any harm in giving it a shot.

    Maybe wait to take the melatonin until you can tell you’re coming down though. Shrooms keep you awake so taking something that makes you sleepy around the time you’d be peaking might make for some weird effects. Don’t chance it sullying your high!

    This is just my guess on the whole thing though, maybe someone with experience will be able to chime in!

  2. Maybe try to take the shrooms earlier and/or reserve some more time to trip. 1.5-2g is a lower dose but you’ll still probs feel it for 4-6 hours. Either way, the melatonin should help. I took 3 grams a few weeks ago around 9pm and was still up at 3:30 unable to sleep and decided to take some melatonin and I was asleep by 4 lol

  3. Melatonin helps a lot with sleeping on psychedelics. I use it after acid trips when I can’t sleep. However I’d definitely recommend taking more time for your trips. 3h isn’t a lot, even for shrooms.

  4. If you need to sleep @ 11 after taking mushrooms @ 8, you’ll need something stronger like alprazolam (xanax) to kill the trip.

    I would say it’s best to schedule your mushroom experience with more time allowed for the full experience (around 6 hours). I will say that mushrooms can really inhibit sleep for some even after that period of time. A xanax night cap is a sure fire way to get some rest.

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