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8 thoughts on “Can you extract psilocybin?”

  1. If you couldn’t, there would be no effect.

    I get what you’re asking though, to which I would say mushroom tea is an extraction.

    I get what you’re probably REALLY asking, can you isolate pure-ish psilocin from mushrooms and my understanding is yes but it’s much harder than, say, dmt extraction. I’ve seen things on here about it and I would think it would be desirable since I would imagine it removes some of the nausea.

    Of course someone else on here probably actually knows about this…

  2. There is a guy named Alan Rockefeller he mostly does DNA sequencing but Ive seen videos of him with vials of pure psilocybin the he has extracted from mushrooms.One species was a kind thats not even known to contain psilocybin its pretty cool shit.I dont know if he explains how he extracts things but i know he does it with more then just psilo hes pretty big in the mycology microverse

  3. Pretty sure this is how it would be given to people in the future for legalized use. Not sure how they would do it but they won’t just be selling little mushrooms for you to eat

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