Did I Experience Ego Death?


So I always hear about ego death and was wondering if mine qualifies 🙂

A few months ago I took weed edibles with my gf and we were fried, it hit me like 10x atronger than it did her, to the point that i lost my sense of self. I was high for hours and hours lol.

Heres what happened: my gf giggled and said “I cant believe we’re in college” and i thought about it a little too much and the dibles hit HARD. What is college? What is community? What are humans? It got worse to the point that i dont remember wtf happened afyer. I just remembered I closed my eyes and i could see my memories become fractals. I lost my sense of self. My brain made me think we were dying and to be honest I was ok with it 🙂 I wasnt scared, i felt happy and at peace that I tried to spread love and positivity :).. I felt a sense of peace and nothingness at the same time. Everything was black but it felt like nothing was there at the same time. I was still conscious, but I was just experiencing this moment to the point that i didnt want to think, i just wanted to be in that moment. It is very difficult to put into words this feeling. Its like nothing matter, you are just existing. Period.

And like a reset button of a sort, I saw one of my earliest memories i can think off. And these memory fractals came back piece by peace. And my conscious began to remind itself who i am as a person :). I woke up 12 hours later 🤣🤣

I have felt this sense of one with everything before but this was different completely. Ever since then i feel a lot more at peace. Almost no stress nothing bothers me as much. I cant help but think of how amazing and beautiful that expereince was and would love to experinece it again. I don’t gain anything if it counts or not as ab ego death, but i havent heard of ego death on edibles before. Thanks fellow psychonauts 🙂

Edit: I see a lot of people saying if i have to ask then it didnt happen. Well whe it did happen i immediately figured it was ego death. But it just doesn’t seem as common on edibles.

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13 thoughts on “Did I Experience Ego Death?

  1. kingcirce says:

    For people who say “if you have to ask you didn’t have one” are wrong. I’d say these people more than likely had an ego death after already knowing what it was or that it existed. It’s just likely that if you are asking you probably didn’t have one because of the seemingly obvious intensity. I had an accidental ego death on 400ug of lsd and it was a beautiful life changing experience of death and rebirth. I didn’t know what happened to me when it did so I had to ask questions and do research. Found out after joining the psychonaught subreddit and asking fellow psychonaughts what an ego death is and if I had one, I did and it was great. But truly with enough knowledge and experience in the psychedelic field, you’ll be able to tell if an experience was an ego death one. I’d say it Seems like you had a form of ego death experience on edibles congrats. Always heard edible got psychedelic in high doses. Good luck safe travels.

  2. Longjumping_Animal61 says:

    There Are very few things I would classify as “ego death”. Drugs like 5-MeO-DMT are one of those few. Your ego almost never dies. It just changes constantly. Your ego always changes accordingly to the environment around you. When you’re on a massive psychedelic dose your ego is rapidly changing.

    In other words, your ego didn’t die, it just had to adapt rapidly to changes in yourself.

  3. 51542345 says:

    Ego death can be described as significant degeneration of self-perceptions:

    * Psychological
    * Physical
    * Temporal

    The first thing that gets easily noticed is the loss for time perception.

    Second people loose connection to their bodies senses and motor-skills, which is what most people associate with classic death.

    Third is mostly that people loose touch to their psychological self-perception while going down the rabbit holes of thought loops. Until they question to if they self ever have really existed.

    The order may vary but that’s roughly it.

  4. A_K_B_02 says:

    Welcome young padawan.

    Edit: seriously yeah. Tbh I’ve had ego death a couple times never from edibles but more acid and shrooms, this kinda sums it up tbh. I think a lot of it is subjective though the whole ego death thing. I wouldn’t say there’s any definite ego death. I think it’s more like when a person gets to a point of conscious that they can easily look at themselves in a different way than they’re used to and realise some things they may have not before. And people tend to have these epiphanies when they feel as though they’re dying because they reflect in way they wouldn’t have if they hadn’t been a situation like that. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a near death experience like proper one. But it’s extremely similar in my experience. You start to appreciate everything that much more because you realise how quickly it can be taken away. And you realise how much you take for granted and that you could left things in a way you would regret leaving them.

    Idk where tf alla that deep shit came from but yeh hope that makes sense.

  5. apeirophobicmyopic says:

    I think it’s not necessarily that if you have to ask you haven’t experienced it but if you’d experienced it you simply wouldn’t care to ask anymore. If you have ego death I’d imagine you don’t care about what you or others think of you as a person because your ego is dead and gone. No more self perception just, what is is ya know? Not speaking from personal experience or trying to be condescending just a friendly observation

  6. AndeC123 says:

    If you’re going to need something a little more potent than edibles my friend. Also you asking is a big sign that you did not experience ego death or oneness.
    If you are truly interested in attempting to reach those states you are going to wanna be safe about it. Try mushrooms they are usually easier to obtain and very easy to cultivate. LSD if available start small and be responsible as with any mint alerting substance. Mushrooms don’t last as long which is convenient and are very easy to identify and don’t require reagent testing to verify their authenticity.
    Anyways have a great day and if mushroom cultivation would be something you’re interested in there are a few subreddits dedicated to magic mushroom cultivation.

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