DMT Trip report throwback


So it all started when I loaded up the glass pipe melted it down and took a MASSIVE hit, instantly these incredible tingle went from my toes upto my brain which then felt like it exploded into oblivion. My vision stopped whilst turning into these strange almost digital shapes and spirals, there was no space between anything, no individual objects and everything was taken over with this incredibly deep sense of connection, even the feeling within my being was just a wholeness with everything. There was no me.. I was then greeted by this blueish green figure that kind of resembled a human from some ancient tribe with these flourescent patterns and swirls covering its face, it showed me through this world of highly advanced yet ancient old alien technology, speaking in some static electricity sounding language of clicks and pops. The feelings that came over me at this point was incredible it felt all to familiar almost like I had been there a thousand times before which was extremely intimidating, I felt like I knew so much but at the same time like I knew absolutely nothing at all it was so foreign it’s just too hard to put into words. I was able to open my eyes now but I was still tripping hard and looking at this world in an entirely different way, I looked at my cousin and friend who were still disorientated trying to figure out what the fuck just crawled out there minds we all just cracked up laughing and hugging in pure bliss. It was one of the most real most beautiful most connecting experiences I have ever had in my entire life..

This trip was 4 years ago now and it still gives me chills to think about

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5 thoughts on “DMT Trip report throwback

  1. skyLord6699 says:

    after one minute of my first 5-Meo Dmt trip, my feet start vibrating then my hands (super strong vibration). My finger start crawling up, I got scared asking ” My finger! My fingers!. not knowing what is going on, thinking there is something wrong medically. after the trip I ask the shamans what was the reason for this to happen ? they answered you were afraid during the trip, and need to trust the medicine. one week after I participated in another 5-Meo Dmt Ceremony, I did not see anything Visually. in the ceremony there is this lady behind me ( she is under the medicine as well), crying, soon as I heard her cry. I start laughing ( her cry sounded like comfort to me) I felt bad for for her, at same time I know grief is part of life. we have to go through the struggle, in-order to over come the hardship we experience in our time.

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