Domino’s after dropping


So as the title says, I just dropped 2 drops of White Needle Crystal LSD which adds up to 250 ugs. Soon after that I had a large Domino’s pizza. My question is, would it still take effect? I’ve never done this before, anybody have any experience with eating right after dropping?

Later edit: well I got my answer, it’s already doing it’s thing 🤪

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24 thoughts on “Domino’s after dropping

  1. jackaquack says:

    The only thing is you missed national pizza day yesterday. Dominos has $8 per large pizza with 3 toppings max :/

    EDIT: This is actually a permanent domino’s deal for carryout. Insane

  2. SkinnyBuddha89 says:

    I’ve noticed with most drugs I like to do them on an empty stomach, wait 30 minutes or longer, and then eat. I feel like they hit harder, and then get an extra boost afterwards once my blood sugar gets up. I feel like if I eat it just slows it down, but that’s just my thoughts

  3. karl-ogden says:

    If I eat something like that on acid normally it’s after about 5-8hrs and about 40 mins after I eat the pizza the come down starts to happen and I will be soberish or ready for bed I should say in about 2 hours after eating. Of I don’t I won’t sober up for 12 hours after affects hit me and I can try sleeping but sometimes still woken up a little trippy if I haven’t eaten before ending the trip

  4. JBCronic says:

    Surprised so many people are pretending your talking crazy or something… eating before taking LSD will definitely effect the onset of the trip. On the flip side fasting is extremely effective when taking psychedelics, it definitely hits you a lot faster and a lot harder in my experience.

  5. ironic_swag says:

    I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. If it were drops it probably soaked into your salivary glands the same way it would if you held a tab under your tongue. Typically the only things that will be delayed by eating while imbibing are things that need to reach your gut in order to enter your bloodstream, reason being that the sphincter in your stomach that controls when chime is released into the intestines will freely let liquid through on an empty stomach, but closely tightly on a full stomach, only letting a small amount of chime out at once, therefore reducing the amount of whatever drug being absorbed at once

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