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first psychedelics experience not so great


my first experience I took about 2mg of magic mushrooms

slept first 1 hour then saw a few light hallucinations and then just repeated what I usually do without mushrooms

ate junk food,watched porn and masturbated but could not cum for hours and I kept getting frustrated for both not being able to cum and also the shrooms having no good effect on me

I was expecting I will stop my bad habits and my mind will become open to new ideas,possibilities instead of the downward spiral I feel I am in,even though I know it is wrong and bad for me,I feel helpless to stop it.

should I take a higher dose?

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  1. I’d advise structuring your experience around the mushrooms rather than taking them and then just going on with your life as usual. Go outside. Walk through the woods, if you have any nearby. Sit by water. Listen to music. Paint or write. Meditate. Don’t eat junk food, as that’s a great way to sabotage your entire experience. Lay off the porn for at least one day. Continuing to lean into your self-sabotaging habits, but on mushrooms, isn’t going to get you results. You have to be mindful and intentional and show the shroom a little respect. To learn you have to listen.

    Edit: Some medications, like SSRIs, can inhibit mushroom efficacy as well.

  2. Considering other first psychedelic experiences not being able to come isn’t that bad. I think you should get to the point where you can trip without having to jerk off. You don’t wanna expect shrooms to just fix it

  3. If you already have a bad time with 2g you’re gonna have a baaaaaaaad time if you dose higher. And, you can’t expect psychs to randomly fix your life, doesn’t work like that, you’ll maybe get a few realizations and motivation to change, but that’s it. The real change starts when you’re sober.

  4. Engaging in unconscious behaviour while using something that makes you more conscious is going to be a bad time.

    Next time don’t eat shit and watch porn.

    Find something beautiful to look at and treat your body like it belongs to someone you love.

  5. 2mg…? I’m guessing you meant 2G which is the lowest dose I’ve ever done of mushrooms (besides microdoses which have done next to nothing but placebo anytime I’ve tried so I don’t count those) so maybe it’s just not for you.

    Psychedelics don’t just change your bad habits they open you up to being able to change it yourself. You still have to make the effort and try, they won’t do it for you. They just let you see things from an outside and neutral point of view with less of your ego influencing your decisions

  6. You say 2 mg, I guess you mean 2 grams of dried normal Cubensis mushrooms?

    Did you have the dose right?
    Where they crisp dry?
    Was it exactly two grams?
    Are you, or have been on an antidepressant in the last half year?

    All these factors are of great importance.

    Your trip was not strong enough but there are many factors.

    It is impossible to sleep during a strong trip.

    As said before here, mushrooms don’t cure you.
    You cure you.
    But mushrooms can help!

    [Here you’ll find]( a Safe guide I wrote for first time mushroom users.

    If you are annoyed by a cautious approach, let this one pass.

    There may be some basic stuff you have missed!

    Safe travels my friend.

  7. Well why’d you go to sleep tho? That’s a waste. Psychedelics have more in common with stimulants than downers. If you sleep on them it’s kinda like wasting part of the experience. Also that’s a small dose (if you’re trying to have a spiritual experience I’d do 4 or 5 grams next time) and it doesn’t sound like you did anything thought provoking. Wouldn’t expect jerking off on shrooms to enlighten you. If you want that kinda trip, meditate, or consume thought provoking content. I love sex on psychedelics, but jerking off, not so much.

    Shrooms are not gonna magically fix all your problems. They might help you understand yourself better, but even then you gotta be trying to do that. From your trip report it sounds like you expected to just eat them and immediately be shown the answers to all your problems. That’s not how drugs work, or anything really. You gotta be the change in your life.

  8. First off, your expectations are much too high. Psychedelics can sometimes help with these things, but they aren’t magically going to transform you and it sounds like you’re taking a passive approach to fixing things by wanting them to do the work for you. I fully empathize in the sense that I have similar issues with motivation, but I just think it’s the wrong approach.

    If you go into it without any momentum to build on and then spend your time doing the same things you want to change, you’re less likely to find something new. If you want a trip that is introspective, you should set up your mindset and setting to make it more conducive to it. Meaning:

    * take them when you aren’t tired and going to fall asleep so that you are alert, maybe earlier in the day/night
    * keep a notebook and pen with you to write down notes/thoughts. before the trip, consider some of the things you would like to think about and write them down and make a point to read it over when you’re tripping
    * have healthy snacks ready and prepared for yourself
    * spend some time in the days before your trip preparing by making an effort to be in better habits, even if it’s only a small change.
    * maybe spend some time outside your normal environment/bedroom if you can do so safely and away from other people (like go to your backyard or take a little walk after the peak to somewhere pleasant, even just going to a different room and switching things up)
    * maybe set yourself up with some activities you can do aside from what you do everyday, like writing/drawing/crafts/whatever and put out everything you need beforehand so it’s ready to go

    Aside from trying to encourage introspection, I advocate for going into it without any expectations and just going with the flow. Psychedelics can open your willingness to allow to different feelings and ideas that you would normally disregard, but if you only want the trip to be going a certain way then you close yourself off to what’s going on in the present moment.

    A higher dose could be helpful (assuming you took 2 grams and not 2 milligrams, maybe trying like 3g, don’t make a huge jump in dosage) to make the trip more immersive for you, but again you can’t force it to go a certain way and the higher the trip the more important it is to let go of trying to control things because that can cause you to feel anxiety or panicked when you aren’t able to.

    Even if you do have a trip that gives you a whole new perspective and some motivation, all the real effects on your life come in your normal life afterwards by making deliberate and consistent actions towards a goal of yours. So the most important thing is to be open and willing to try and to make an effort before and after the trip. Best of luck 🙂

    Edit: Someone else recommended therapy first, I think that’s also a great idea if you haven’t tried it already and are able to. Take whatever help you can get to empower yourself. I’ve tripped hundred of times and have had incredible experiences and insights, but I’m also seeking out therapy because it can be hard to sort out your own thoughts in a productive way when you are deeply entrenched in patterns of behavior/thinking that aren’t good for you.

  9. Psychedelics arent a cure, they’re a tool. While they have helped me find myself and where my beleifs lie, they werent the only reason that i have. The effects of an ego death wont happen instantaniously

  10. This is why I usually suggest noone start ‘slow’ or ‘easy’ and why people suggest 3.5-5 g’s for first dose. I know so so many people who had a lame first experience because they were nervous about taking an actual dose and just never took a second one.
    First experience really should be profound, introspective, and safe.
    Just do it again and go big.

  11. Could have been week zooms.Most of my own self work has been done while experiencing ego death and that’s at higher doses. Are you on a ssri becuase that would cause diminishing returns for effects.

    Lemon Tek method with 3.5g might get you closer to where you want to be.

  12. I’d consider going up when I first took shrooms I took 3g which seems like the universal good standard, me on 2 is just me having a hard time cause you kinda tripping but not and it can fuck you up

  13. try to eat some with a couple of close friends to have some actual fun dude. Eating mushrooms and try to masturbate and being frustrated about not cumming, that’s a disaster of usage.

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