First time with shroomies!


What’s the best way to trip? How do these compare to LSD/molly?

Usually I can plan a full trip experience but I haven’t done shroomies before. My sister wants to go out in nature but I’m not too sure because I don’t want to be driving around but maybe we can walk to a park? What’s your favorite type of show or movie to watch while you trip? Or would music and pretty lights be better? Any tips and ideas would be appreciated:)

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6 thoughts on “First time with shroomies!

  1. kiguessthisismyname says:

    Watch alice in wonderland or wizard or oz

    Listen to some of your favorite music

    Go in with a positive mindset and eat 2 – 3 grams.

    Being in nature is good if you feel comfortable and arent far from home

    If you wanna eat em and not taste em tear em up into tiny bits and down em quick with water thats what i do.

    Prepare for the unexpected lol and smoking weed can enhance it. Also soaking them in lemon juice for a half hour can enhance it

    Spending time in the dark can be very trippy
    Lay down with a pillow over your head

    I like listening to the beatles while tripping lol really positive and upbeat

  2. Sure-Climate8749 says:

    Break out the family photo album or family videos or even old movies you and your sister used to watch and recall when you were little kids. There will be so many hilarious memories that pop up and it will be a great time to bond with your sister.

    Other than that, don’t drive. Walk in nature/park, yes. Music, yes. And spend some time just chilling – going with the flow 〰️

  3. yourgreenmachine says:

    You can always Uber! Ideally, I’d go out to a botanical garden. Parks are great for their swings while tripping, but make sure it’s during school hours so some kid doesn’t make you feel bad for taking up a seat. Jim Gaffigan’s Mr. Universe (and any other) stand up special on Netflix is also a strong go-to, I reaaally recommend it. Have fun and stay safe!!

  4. echinaceabloom1 says:

    I would recommend tripping with someone for sure, because its amazing talking with people you love on shrooms. I also recommend starting with a dose of 1-2 grams. Definitely go on a walk, nature is so amazing while tripping! have fun!

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