help. questions about lsd and mdma use /therapeutic use ✌️🖤


I have taken lsd many times, I have not taken L in 4 weeks, so my tolerance should be better now, it was high before from weekly use. I got some new tabs and want to try them, I’ll be taking just 1 dr suess tab.

i will be taking mdma for the first time soon (70-110 mg, not sure yet).
I have 11 full days off before I return to work, and want to get this all done before I go back.
What do u guys think would be better to do first in order to have the best experience with both and why? I know there is no cross tolerance, but how long do u think I should wait between and why? I will not be candy flipping.

Also, i have had some very severe long term traumas from abuse for about 9 years, it’s very uncommon and hard to explain and i won’t get into it, but it left me with feeling violated and my privacy invaded with fight or flight and being upset throughout the whole time leaving me with lingering effects and ptsd (I’m 33 now and have been getting a bit better over the past couple of years). I have used L a few times and cannabis and a handful of other drugs a few times throughout my teenage and young adult life, and it was always a good experience. My traumas directly cross paths with cannabis so I dnt really smoke much anymore.
After about 10 years I found L again, and it worked very good for me, helping in the obvious ways it can. I expect the mdma to help heal me even more.
I recently moved out of a bad home environment and continue to do better and better, so I’m ready again.

I am thinking it would be better to do the mdma first, as i have not been in the lsd mindset since I’ve taken a month break, and I suspect the effect mdma would have on me would leave me feeling great for L next, whereas If I did L first, I might still be a bit intense/not done coming down, but like I said, I want to test my new tabs and see how they are, so i want to have as little drug tolerance as possible for it, if that even matters. I’m planning on doing one or the other on Friday or Saturday leaving me with 9 or 10 full days off till work. I’ll probably do the other 5 days apart, leaving me with 4 full days off till work.

What do u guys think?


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