15 thoughts on “How do I find a contact and not sound like a bad 80’s after school special?

  1. phxsubdad says:

    Be careful. I tried a post like this and had about 12 scammers reach out to me and tell me they could get me the best thing around and they just wanted to take my money! Haha find a friend, go to a rave…

  2. johnnyfuckinghobo says:

    When I used to move to a new city I would try to get some bud, then order a pizza and be smoking when the pizza man showed up. Share the bud with the pizza man and ask if he knew anyone who could help me get some more. Usually that guy could help with whatever. Now that weed is legal here in Canada that trick is dead.

  3. jetstobrazil says:

    The standard way is to just mention it casually in front of a group of people you’re with and see who reacts favorable. Something like “man I bet this would look crazy on acid” or something short like that. Usually they’ll say something after which reveals their thoughts on it.

  4. moeyboy1 says:

    Sadly but true, my go to to get any substance anywhere is to go to a N.A. meeting, most people who really wanna quit go to A.A. even if on drugs, most not all people at N.A. are court ordered and actively using, i know from years of the struggle this is facts.

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