How many grams of shrooms should I take as a beginner and with what should I eat them with?


My friends and I are going to try shrooms for the first time and with thought that 1.5gr are a good dosage,but some people tell me that’s too much.Also,I know they are disgusting so with what should we eat them with?

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6 thoughts on “How many grams of shrooms should I take as a beginner and with what should I eat them with?

  1. Tapeatscreek says:

    The rule of thumb I’ve always used is 1 gram/ 100# of body weight. So if you weigh 150 #, then 1.5 grams. This is a starting place. Your mileage may very. If you are used to psychedelics, then maybe more, if not, maybe less. They don’t taste that bad, kind of earthy. You can make a tea out of them if you are concerned with stomach upset, (usually cased by your body having trouble braking down the mushroom), or add some ginger to soothe the belly. I tried boofing them once, that was a waste.

  2. vaderspotz says:

    1.5G should be good. And honestly you can probably just eat it on it’s own and wash it down with soda or water. It doesn’t taste disgusting, but it sorta feels like eating styrofoam because they’re dried but if you really want to eat it with something try some pizza maybe? Or maybe peanut butter even? But not eating them on an empty stomach may make you feel nauseous. Have fun! 🤠

  3. howsyourtrip says:

    You don’t necessarily have to start with a dose below 2 grams. Depending on how much research you do, and your willingness to be open to the experience, you may find doing a higher dose enjoyable. Unless you want to microdose for your first time, i wouldnt do less than 1.5 if you want the full affects. Some research and preparation is deffinitely important. Where and with who you trip makes a world of difference. If you have more questions id be happy to discuss anything your curious about. Just dm me

  4. Stolenunderpants says:

    It depends on the strain. 1.5 is probably a good beginner dose, but it could be a little strong if you happen to get your hands on some super potent mushrooms. If you want to be as safe as possible, maybe do a test run with 1g first. Then you’ll know how strong the batch is and can increase. I like to munch them down by themselves so I don’t have any pointers on how to counteract the taste.

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