I am going to die before I die


I have been reading the Book of Melchizedek. I’m not pushing religion or believing in God. I am just going to state that this book has reworked my image of who God is to me.

He loves me purely and intentionally and unconditionally. Because of this, I have a newfound courage to die before I die, knowing that Yoshua will save me, because He knew me before I knew myself.

I am going to initiate this AWEsome occurrence by consuming 5g of psilocybin shrooms. I do not have a specific date as I am in council with my wife about this decision, but I am making this post to hold myself accountable.

I have had a divine occurrence on a 3.5 of shrooms alone, but I rejected it. A short description of it: about 20 minutes after I ingested the shrooms, I kept thinking about Adam. Like Adam and Eve Adam. I kept asking “Where’s Adam?”, and the song I was listening to stopped it’s beat, said “here stranger”, and dropped it’s beat again. A synchronization such as this was not taken lightly by me.

About an hour into the experience, I became aware of my breathing. It felt nice. Then it feel good. Then it felt GOOD, like TOO GOOD. I felt such a strong pressure on my being. I closed my eyes, looked up, and felt a strong magnetic pull in the middle of my forehead, it felt like my entire being was about to be pulled out. I was terrified and said “no I can’t do it not yet” like I knew what was about to happen. The pressure slowly lifted off me. I was left pondering what just happened, and then I felt like I was at home. I was in my now wife’s dorm room, but it felt like I had been to this place before. I felt spiritually at home. I felt so loved and safe and secure.

Thoughts? Suggestions on how to prepare would be greatly appreciated. I am going to continue meditating. I have recently come across the language of Eh k’entoo, the study of understanding truth, and have been learning that also. Has anyone heard of it?

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