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10 thoughts on “i can smoke marijuana and feel like im tripping”

  1. Yea so like I am wanting to have this discussion with someone—why is it that you can mess with your breathing, or your eyes, or some can smoke a little green and you’re back there? Are you reconnecting synapses in your brain you connected before when tripping shrooms or lsd that you’ve now….learned to access without tripping on those substances ? Cause I’ve been doing this with my eyesight a surprising amount

  2. There was a period where i was tripping every weekend and weed became very trippy but after a bit it went back to normal, i still trip every now and again around once a month and weed hasnt got trippy again

  3. My mom had a breakthrough psychedelic experience with very little weed, and she was just chilling and deeply pondering some shit. She wasn’t even trying to trip or anything, but she explained going into a dream suddenly while awake that gave her immense clarity, and relief.

    She’s never used halucinogens, but I have. I was watching batman once, and smoking a bowl after a few years on methadone with frequent mushrooms and no weed when I suddenly had this crazy epiphany that reminded me of productive tripping. It stuck to me for a couple weeks with intense manic zeal. It was like I was walking down the hallway in my mind, and had no need to check any of the doors as I knew they were all sorted. I changed my entire life in a matter of weeks after that. The methadone veil lifting off my brain while the weed fog rolled in just set me off running.

  4. Weed is technically psycho active. In my experiance if you do psychs regularly you can occasionally get a brief experiance. Normally for me, if I smoke first thing in the morning and get real stoned. The ground will move around a bit. Or the trees. Sometimes even if i dont smoke weed.. But that’s about It, normally like 10-30 seconds. I think beyond that its probably actually kinda a scary thing. If its like that every time or for long periods of time I would think it could hint at mental illness.

    Hear me out, I knew a guy who used to tell me that and do psychs with me and friends all the time. As time passed though he lost touch with reality. Nowadays he’s basically a full blown skitzophernic. Granted I think he got into some harder drugs as well “meth.” But the drugs won’t give you skitzophrenia, rather bring it out faster. If its there, its already there, but you probably don’t wanna speed up the process, ya know?

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