I finally have the option to try shrooms, but I’m worried.


So I’ve been researching psychedelics for 1.5 yrs now and I could try shrooms if I wanted. Mentally I am absolutely prepared but worried about the mushrooms themselves.
I already requested an ID check and they are def cubes, but old.

They don’t look moldy, I can only see the blue color, and they smell okay too. Earthy, a little funky but not disgusting at all. Also they are as dry as can be. I’d definitely do lemon-tek, but I’m just worried how would I feel physically. If it’s diarrhea or vomiting then thats a risk I take without question, but I don’t really wanna die lol.

So, does anybody have experience with this, I mean consuming some that you weren’t sure about?

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40 thoughts on “I finally have the option to try shrooms, but I’m worried.

  1. pagan_psychonaut says:

    Even if the shrooms were totally rotten they wouldn’t kill you, just give you stomach discomfort. If they are dry like you say than you have nothing to worry about. Psychedelic mushrooms are statistically speaking the safest illegal drug on the market. You couldn’t OD off of shrooms if you tried.

  2. dog--is--god says:

    Its normal to feel nervous. Its okay to be nervous, don’t let it consume you. Lemon tek will definitely help with any stomach issues you may have. It varies person to person wether or not mushrooms induce stomach issues. Ive personally never had issues with feeling sick.

    I have a feeling once you get there youll be alright.

  3. actuallyimbored says:

    Thank you everyone for your help! I’m relieved now and just waiting for the day to try it! 🙂
    Much love and I wish everyone a great day!

    Edit: I’m still open to hearing your stories, the more comments the better 😀

  4. amoebasareverysmall says:

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  5. Kismonos says:

    You remind of me, I took years in researchng/coming across info about psychedelics, mostly shrooms n lsd and when I got to the point of trying and doing them I felt comfortable and confident to go through it, You probably know the phases, the come up, the peak, the comedown, and if you want, the integration. So nothing will surprise you too much, You will just be like “ah, so this is what they’ve been talking about”. first time I tried it I felt a bit discomfort in my stomach for like 10-15 mins but it went away as the shrooms kicked in(like 37-40 mins after consuming them, dry, eating straight up). You will be fine and if you think you spiraling out, remind yourself that you took drugs that make you feel in all kinds of funky ways, ways that words cant really describe. Enjoy your trip, respect the shroom and it will welcome you, maybe you will beat your ego up a bit, but you will come back fine and hopefully with a nice experience that you will think about years later on.

    just an extra tip, which you probably came across while doing your research; prepare water and some fruits you like, fruits taste amazing during tripping, things like strawberry, orange, grape give all kinds of explosions and colorful tastes in your mouth, like fireworks in your brain.

  6. ethandreyfus says:

    trust you wont die, ive taken shrooms my brother gave me that i was really unsure ab cuz they stunk horribly and were sort of dark but i still had a great trip. in my experience you dont really get much nausea especially for lower doses youll be fine have a good trip

  7. Powerful_Salt_5436 says:

    Hard to die from bad shrooms. I’ve used to enough to make some bad ones myself through improper drying techniques and Jr’s fucking awful but hard to die… although you’ll feel muscles contracting that you didn’t know you had to the point of thinking your ribs will splinter into pieces but if they are dry as shit your most likely just fine

  8. bedasp says:

    Start small. Problem solved. First timers should do this anyway. Just have .5 and see how you feel and remember you can always eat more! No need to drop a full eighth or anything your first time. I did that and I didn’t freak out but I did puke and I wish I didn’t do a full eighth. Everyone has varying sensitivity to shrooms. Turns out I am pretty sensitive. Do .5 at a time and wait at least 45 mins between doses id say. Empty stomach as well!! Shrooms don’t like to share tummy space!

  9. YourHumanStory says:

    Pre-trip anxiety is something I always feel. With mushrooms, though, what happens is the anxiety will settle in and often increase during the come-up as I start feeling tingly sensations. Then, as the trip really starts to come on, this tension builds before breaking in this really, really cathartic way. It’s like, “Oh my, oh jeez, oh no….OOOOOoooohhh aaaaawwwwesome.” After having this happen a few times, I started to expect this breaking point and thinking about this pre-trip anxiety like a rubber band that pulls tighter and tighter before launching the trip. Having this model of what’s going on allows me to accept and receive this worry as a natural part of the process.

  10. UnluckyBag says:

    Dried shrooms look absolutely horrifying I’ll agree.

    Like on looks alone I’d probably put it on the level of a fresh dog shit. Flavor probably isn’t much better. I’m just here for the ride. Grind them up, mix with melted chocolate, and send it.

  11. ComfortableMilk69 says:

    That means you are not prepared at all. Your own expectations placed on certain outcomes are going to hinder you from experiencing them in their fullest capacity. Your physical body is not going to die. If you don’t like mushrooms than even if they were say dried shitake mushrooms and you consumed them the fiber from them is going to push anything that’s in your stomach through and might give you some nausea, really depends on you. And they act on your nervous system which will influence your breathing pattern, in a positive way. Let go and let them help you. That fear you have right now will only make you weaker. Nature will reward your courage no doubt about it.

  12. kanyeasada09 says:

    Its your time , once you decide to do something, it is irrational not to do it , of course your mind is going to flood you with worries , but they’ll more harm than the sunstance itself .

  13. sporattic says:

    Me seven years ago. Take the leap. After you go, you’ll be strongly motivated to learn all you can — incl. how to cultivate them yourself so you’ll never have to be concerned about supply or provenance again.

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