I just had a very intense odd salvia trip and i’m questioning what I should take from it.


Before starting the experience I said outloud “I want to use this for spiritual reasons.” And then I just cleared a whole bowl. My bowl’s pretty fat, it holds between .4 and .5 grams. I began meditating. It took maybe 30 seconds of meditation? I’m not sure how long it exactly was. Not too long at all though. My lungs suddenly felt like they were made of chainsaw chains that were spinning super fast. This kind of hurt at first. But I told myself “You aren’t gonna panic. You’re gonna completely give in and see what the universe has to show you.” The exact second I came to this conclusion, my body started getting shredded apart by the chainsaw chains around my lungs. My shredded off body was turning into energy that was circling around me like a beautiful mandala and inserting itself into me anew. I felt cleansed, in a way. This went on for about 5 minutes (I think) and I just all of a sudden could open my eyes again. I’ve had an afterglow for about 20 minutes but i’m completely sober and in astonishment as to what just happened. Thank you for taking the time to read this to all you beautiful humans ❤️

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4 thoughts on “I just had a very intense odd salvia trip and i’m questioning what I should take from it.

  1. scrumblethebumble says:

    Thank you for sharing! Salvia experiences are extremely uncomfortable. I was surprised to hear the ending. It’s not often that I hear about something positive inside the experience itself. The last time I tried, I set an intention, with humility, to understand the experience so that I could come back sometime. I received a swift decline to my request. As soon as I started, a powerful voice called out: “YOU THINK YOU DESERVE TO VISIT ME??” It repeated the message while it looked like I was getting deleted from reality. I haven’t gone back since. Maybe someday after I’ve cleaned up the soul a bit more lol

  2. thenerj47 says:

    Salvia leaves you feeling many things – one of which is a sense of profoundness. Appreciate that this feeling came from inside you. Appreciate thay you went in with intent. Appreciate that salvia does some bookey things with our interpretation of stimuli.

    It sounds like you have a healthy attitude on this.

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