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I want to trip with breath control


I’ve done a fuck ton of acid, my biggest trip was 1000 ugs, A few days ago I ended up tripping a little bit after being nearly 3 days sleep deprived, if I was rested that would’ve been really fucking cool (It was still really fucking cool). Anybody have breathing techniques? Wim Hoff breathing doesn’t seem to do it.

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14 thoughts on “I want to trip with breath control”

  1. You should practice directing your breath to each chakra point. This is what I recommend, I’ve experience astral travel several times with this technique. It is quite simple but does take practice to maintain focus and to allow yourself to let go. First clear your energy field. I know ppl will roll their eyes at this but there are entities in the astral that don’t serve you and they act to attach themselves to you to feed off of you. I’ve encountered them before and one time taught me to never do this without clearing and protection.

    Clearing your field:
    Sit still, breathe in breathe out. Gently begin to focus on inhaling energy in through your root chakra (basically visualize pulling air in through your butthole. Hold your breath and place that energy in your heart, then exhale and imagine that you are sending that energy back into the universe out through your crown. Then do the opposite. Inhale through your crown, hold it in your heart, then exhale and send it down into the earth. Do this for a while, back and forth. Each time try to imagine pulling stronger and cleaner pure energy straight from the womb of the holy temple itself. Letting your heart act as a cleanser, cleaning what’s inside of you with pure love and returning it to the universe where it will follow its highest good.

    Imagine your breath is creating a bubble of pure love and light around you. Visualize this shell. Feel it beaming around your skin. Pull in the love from the universe to build that strong bright bubble. Ask the godhead to protect you.

    Charge your body:
    Inhale energy and exhale, visualizing yourself sending the breath to your root chakra. Do this and you will begin to feel your root wheel spinning. It will get stronger and stronger and you’ll begin to feel it vibrate stronger and stronger. When you feel ready, move to your sacral chakra, do the same. Then move up to your solar plexus, etc etc until you get to your third eye. Skip your third eye and go to your crown, I’ve found this to work best for me. Really charge your crown if you can keep the focus.
    Then move down to your third eye. Each breath sending energy out through your third eye. Keep your eyes rolled up looking at your third eye, so it’s as if your 3 eyes are looking in a triangle upwards.

    Eventually, you will travel to places that are fucking wild. I’ve traveled to my gf’s room and seen her energetic body and where there were holes and I was able to send her golden light to patch those holes up. I’ve been able to see multiple people in their rooms and on 2 occasions have called them to describe their surrounding with vivid accuracy. You are with the infinite in there.

    That being said, there are dark entities too. It’s not worth getting a leech stuck to you, so do the protection work.

  2. smoke like 5 bowls of weed back to back, sit out fucking side then try Wim Hoff. I saw wriggling and “breathing “ earth but it got a little too overstimulating so I didn’t do it again after that for a more intense effect

  3. Several days of sleep deprivation can significantly alter perception. You might experience hallucinations and/or illusions. So you managed to have a trip similar experience particularly because you haven’t slept, that would not have happened if you were rested. Hope that makes sense.

  4. Win hof isn’t doing it for you? The first time I tried wim hof while tripping it was so overwhelming I had to take a few minutes to collect myself, and then I immediately wanted to do it again. It was like a natural whippet

  5. I have also looked at videos on YouTube but they all seem like bullshit to me. If anybody has videos that can actually trigger a trip if you follow them properly I would love the link to those.

  6. dissos are involved with the same neuro pathways as the breathing stuff. dxm or nitrous specifically might be worth investigating. I think pranayama is good advice if wim hof is not doing it for you

  7. There’s a great book by Stanislav Grof called “Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy” that you should check out. Grof was a pioneer of psychedelic psychotherapy in the 1960s and worked with LSD.

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