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If you’re a musician, try LSD and go to an Orchestra

Holy. Shit.

Even if you don’t regularly listen to orchestral music or you’re just a low profile musician. Go there and close your eyes. Your brain will do the work for you, you won’t analyze music but be truly absorbed by it, you can hear what the artist felt and was thinking at each note and climax.

Life should be LSD and going to an Orchestra, it’s my new ecstasy. Unfortunately there’s no orchestras playing regularly in my region so I will have to wait a bit until a next play comes along, that’s the best part in my opinion, keeps me waiting until my next simultaneous monster boner and hear drum orgasm.

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29 thoughts on “If you’re a musician, try LSD and go to an Orchestra”

  1. i will get caught by police or some security, i cant imagine tripping in public, like a closed space sitting concert hall…

    outdoor concerts/festivals are great…i can move about…

    sitting indoors with lots of people, and cant move about, makes me nervous.


  2. Or the cirque du soleil and keep your eyes open. But also, maybe research the piece they’ll be performing beforehand because the wrong classical piece can be a bad time on psychedelics, particularly when you’re surrounded by stuffy old people in suits

  3. Haha totally. I typically don’t like country/bluesy or jam band type of music. But once I took acid and went snowboarding and there was a jam band playing. And in that moment I finally understood the draw to that twangy jammy style. Someone was playing a lap guitar that has that slidey twangy sound (I’m a musician and I’m embarrassed I don’t know the name of this instrument, slide guitar? Lap guitar?) but it had me going. It was the first time I truly enjoyed that genre of music.

  4. Speaking from experience: please make sure that the orchestra you go to isn’t playing in a formal setting in a concert hall or something like that.
    We tried that once: listening to the music was VERY awesome, but being there was but SO strange because the director and te musicians move funny, and everybody was DEAD serious about the whole thing, wearing gala dresses and full suits and everything. Of course this made us laugh the whole time true, and trying to keep it in only made it worse. We definitely got a lot of glares that evening…

  5. It makes you wonder if something like that was used in it’s creation in the first place! Ergot is a fairly common fungus in rye and who knows who and when people have been exposed.

  6. I was thinking something similar. I love to really drop on, maybe lay back.

    Will have a go at home w surround sound..

  7. That must be an awesome experience.

    I do generally advocate to step outside of musical comfort zones when tripping, even if you would never think about listening to certain genres while sober.

  8. I don’t need to be tripping to have orgasmic feeling when orchestra is playing.

    Like 10 years ago my parents took me to Mahler’s Symphony of Thousands. 800 members of orchestra. I felt like I’m on the biggest acid trip ever. Like I had thousand orgasms. That feeling, when you want to get out from seat, rip that beautiful black dress ans scream from the top of my lungs. I’ve even seen that story, when I closed my eyes.

    It’s beautiful, how music can induce psychedelic state of mind, even whole sober.

  9. Me and my friend where going to go to the orchestra on a acid once but we ended up taking LSA and it ruined our plans but we still had fun.
    I can get into the orchestra for only $12 downtown Minneapolis Because im a student.
    We mixed the LSA with LSD and it was pretty wild.

  10. I’ve never tried LSD but I’ve had shrooms before. Would it not be too intense on LSD? I feel like on shrooms that might be too much to deal with. Is acid an easier thing to function on?

  11. I’m not a musician but I’ve been listening to music before I could walk. I used classical music for my LSD trips and it was unbelievable. So I’ve planned to go to the symphony orchestra in my city tomorrow with 2g of shrooms. Can’t wait to experience it this way

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