6 thoughts on “I’m scared and excited for my first trip

  1. Mechano999 says:

    I would reccomend shrooms. In my experience, the trips are usually less chaotic than lsd. However, everyone reacts differently to different drugs, so it’ll be more or less a roll of the dice for you.

  2. Mechano999 says:

    For staving off bad thoughts, I actually reccomend you don’t. Dealing with those can be very therapeutic, albeit difficult.

    However if you must, go to something you’re intimately familiar with. An album, a video game, a movie. Something predictable.

  3. ICrushItLikeQuint says:

    Master your thought. You are the one creating them. If you don’t want them, don’t have them. This place of spice, has taught me how to become a true master. Any emotion you go in with is amplified tenfold. Feel great before going in and be great throughout the trip. Don’t let fear have a place in your mind. As in death.. Carry with you at the crossing of dimensions – pure awareness – love and beauty, ecstasy and let go of all attachments to this 3d world. (You’ve then broken the chain of karma.)

  4. nelvonda says:

    Recommend lemon tek drink for shrooms. If doing alone, do a fast (no food, only water, and may want to sip on ginger tea to reduce any nausea. Clean your space, and you body and gather items of comfort all around you. You can go out and explore nature, or have an internal trip while hanging out in bed. Be spontaneous, and flow with the experience. It may have elements which are bumpy. flow with those, knowing you can change the experience if it ever becomes overwhelming. Experience the beauty when that wave comes. It may not be a linear process, but you will be fine. Have a “phone a friend” option who knows what’s up, to have as backup.

  5. undead-robot says:

    one thing to keep in mind for all trips –

    it’s going to be over eventually, and you’re going to be okay and back to normal.

    make sure you have a clear, defined purpose (even if it’s just to have a good time)

    and then personally i would recommend NOT making any schedule. just make sure anything you would maybe want to do is layed out and available, including food and water.

    hope you have a great first trip!

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