Is it safe to trip back to back?


I have a good amount of shrooms and plan to use them periodically throughout my weekend (some for a hike, some for the beach, some for the movies, etc) I’m still very much a beginner and have only tripped on shrooms once before. Is it a good idea to take doses so closely together across a few days?

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10 thoughts on “Is it safe to trip back to back?

  1. name4231 says:

    No. Tolerance builds up instantly. Usually you need 2 weeks in between to get the full effect of your shrooms. Otherwise you’d half to eat like 6-7g to have to same effect as 3g if you tripped the day before

  2. EnduringInsanity says:

    I don’t know what everyone on here is about, but you can definitely trip back to back, since tolerance builds instantly you will need to substantially up your dose the 2nd night. If you took 3g on day 1 you will probably need 5 grams on day 2 for a similar trip. 3 days is also possible but it would require even more shrooms. I wouldn’t go more then 2-3 days in a row.

  3. pant0ffel says:

    Apart from tolerance, there will be a so called ‘loss of magic’. I have been in the same boat, doing LSD every week or every two weeks when I had just discovered it. But it quickly gets boring, normal, uninteresting.. space your trips out 3 or 4 months and they will be much nicer and more valuable.

  4. BoofingJenkem says:

    This will work, but to long of long term usage (depending on dosage) can cause HPPD (hallucinating persistent perception disorder) not sure if i put that in the right order. Possibly psychosis depending on how long your term of usage is

  5. YaolinGuai says:

    If you have lots to do over a weekend. Do small amounts and keep building. Dont just drop a huge fckin amount to see whats good. Drop 1g, come down. Then drop 3g.

    Ive done very fckin intense experiences with ket and lsd, mandy lsd, ive had a horrid seratonin syndrome etc etc.

    Smaller doses r 10x better when u learn to appreciate them for what they are.

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