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11 thoughts on “Is there any way to make sure LSD is pure/real and not something else?”

  1. A reagent kit is the safest, surest way. If you don’t have the time or money for that though, alot of people say if it tastes bitter, it’s not acid.

  2. Reagent kits will show you presence of LSD, but it can’t test for purity. For that, you’ll need something like an HPLC or GC. For acid specifically, it’s unlikely to be cut with something else cause so little of it is needed to be psychoactive.

    If you have access to a UV light, dissolve your tab in a couple drops of vodka and dab a bit of it on some paper. It should be fluorescent under UV.

    Edit: would also like to add that if you are still concerned about impurities, I would suggest getting two different reagent kits like Ehrlich and hofmann to doubly confirm you are getting what you want.

  3. Reagent kit I’d the best way

    Things that are suspicious:

    >Brittle tabs, a dose of LSD is very very small but larger quantities of other things like NBOMe substances will have significantly more crystalized substance dried on the paper and change the way it feels as a result, it should be the expected flexibility of the type of paper it is. It’s not LSD if it’s brittle, but it doesn’t mean it is LSD if it isn’t brittle

    >Taste, it should not taste like anything, it is safest to spit it out of it has a taste even though it seems like a waste, some of these substances can be dangerous in doses present on one tab, which is rare but the issue becomes quickly compounded taking more than one

    >Not glowing under a blacklight, LSD will glow under a black light you can Google example. If it doesn’t glow it doesn’t contain LSD. If it does glow, that does not mean it is LSD or is only LSD

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