It’s all for you


This universe is truly yours, belief is an extremely powerful magic that should be used wisely. There is no reason to not believe that there is an infinite amount of universe colliding that creates what you are experience right in this moment, you can jump from one to the other with the power of the mind and the energy it outputs you really can do whatever you mind is set too. Set your intention and your heart will lead you like a magnet

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4 thoughts on “It’s all for you

  1. PsychologicalWall5 says:

    Assuming your theory is true, (and, I mostly believe it is), the next hurdle to “setting your intention” is to be free from past insecurities, guilt, fears.. so your mind is really focused on the Now. Problem is that its easy to fall into circular, self-sabotaging thinking patterns.

    What’s the solution?

  2. iTaylor04 says:

    I had a thought about that when i was tripping on the beach one time. I was watching the sunset, then i realized that the rays shining over the water that was pointing to me, was pointing to everyone else also.

    The light will always point to you and anyone who looks at it

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