Just took 4 gels roughly 160 ug each. Wish me luck fam <3


i’m very experienced with acid. i’ve taken maybe one dose this high a year ago or so. i also have a point of molly and am considering candy flipping for the second time.

anyways, im nervous, love this community. safe travels to everyone ❤️

edit: ended up candy flipping last night. a lot of shit happened. i’ve never tripped that hard. i’m an addict, i’ve been in rehab twice last year, psyche wards twice, drugs have completely destroyed my life, and unapologetically stole my soul.

i’m ready to get sober. i have a friend who is just as troubled as me and i think we wanna get clean together. gonna go to an NA meeting for the first time in forever today. much love to anyone who reads

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3 thoughts on “Just took 4 gels roughly 160 ug each. Wish me luck fam <3

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