Looking for books, tips or other resources for getting the most out of a journey


Hello! I am looking for books or other sources of information (videos, websites, etc) about journeying, mushrooms in particular. I’d like to improve my set and setting however I can, and I would also love to learn more ‘strategies’ about what to do during the trip to get the most out of it. My focus is more on self improvement than recreation, though I acknowledge the benefits of having a very pleasant experience. I just finished Fadiman’s *Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide*, which I liked, but I was hoping for more information or tips.

If people are up for it, feel free to suggest tips on what helps your own journeys be more fruitful and productive. For example, maybe there are questions to ask oneself?

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7 thoughts on “Looking for books, tips or other resources for getting the most out of a journey

  1. Kennyrad1 says:

    I prefer to mostly trip alone, and I have found combining meditation to be the best way of benefiting personal growth. I am sure that you knew this. Just a personal preference. Safe travels my friend!

  2. kingcirce says:

    Honestly with mushrooms? A high enough dose and a safe place with a good mindset will be all you need. You’ll kind of know what to do or feel an urge to do it. Usually nature, sound, color, art, or music related. Meditate in nature, take a shower, explore outside. Lots to do and easy to make a journey out of.

  3. nelvonda says:

    Anything Hamilton Morris on YouTube etc might broader your knowledge base. Edible cannabis is great for somatic meditation. With mushrooms, you could explore stillness meditation, or you could go the other route and play with the moment to moment impulses of movement/ stillness, sounds/silence, body/mind, time/space etc. with all psychedelics there is a fluid wave you are able to ride, sometimes you just need to paddle a bit to ride it.

  4. WayneAkroyd says:

    I used to enjoy taking psychedelic phenethylamines, and then throw on some Alan Watts lectures in the background while I worked in the garden… always led me to some epiphanies

  5. _ancient-warrior says:

    I would suggest reading Carl Gustav Jungs works especisally on the unconcious and dreams. This way you learn not only to look at the experiences with more detail but also how to go about interpreting them.

    As for direct guides to the psychedelic experience I would advise not predirecting the experience too much by looking at too many guides.

    All you need to know is that they cant kill you, that all is gonna be okay and that you just need to breathe. If it gets hard do not be afraid to sing.

    Nothing written down or told however will under any circumstance ever be close to an actual experience so just go for it since as long as the dose is sufficient you will definitely come out with new revelations.

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