Looking for psychedelic help to get me through this depression


I am currently on both Lithium Carbonate (600 mg) and Mirtazapine (30 mg) for my depression, prescribed by a psychiatrist.
I asked about using mushrooms or other psychedelics, but he was unaware/didn’t want to talk about them.

Are either of those medications SSRIs/would lessen the effects of mushrooms? I tried earlier in the month, but I was on an antipsychotic Rexulti (which I’m not taking any longer), and had no effect.

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated, as I need whatever help I can get right now…

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4 thoughts on “Looking for psychedelic help to get me through this depression

  1. FishTankTek says:

    ketamine is not usually covered by insurance, but is a option if you live near a populated area of the US. The best part is that it can start working right away and is often paired with therapy.

    I wouldn’t take shrooms if you are taking the meds listed.

  2. cup35795 says:

    Yes any ssri’s will lessen the effects of psychs. Be careful of serotonin syndrome , I know you can ween off ssris if you want to trip , but I’m not a doctor so be careful.

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