LSD and social anxiety


Hello there! Im a weird guy who dont like talking, and i think i have a social anxiety as well. im so confused about the lsd. Should i take it or not. What happens when you have a bad trip of lsd

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10 thoughts on “LSD and social anxiety

  1. Bo_2247 says:

    I suggest doing tons of research, on Any psychedelic you’re interested in, Try searching up how LSD affects the brain, how to prepare yourself for a trip, and I suggest a Trip buddy, someone to keep a close eye on you, who has great vibes and energy around them and who is familiar with the concept of helping someone out of a bad trip.

  2. craniumouch says:

    When I started taking LSD, it was an immediate and huge improvement in my social anxiety. Please don’t just jump into it, but like someone else said, do a lot of research, have a friend you’re comfortable with, and go into it with an open mind and curiosity I’d say. But it can be a fantastic tool for social anxiety, general anxiety, depression, and much more. Let us know if you ever try it and how it goes!

  3. poobumstupidcunt says:

    I prefer tripping alone as the social anxiety can manifest really badly doing acid with other people unless you feel super comfortable around them (turns out I don’t feel safe around anyone most of the time yew ptsd). Never had the same with mushrooms for some reason but that could also be challenging in company with people.

  4. justasoulseeking89 says:

    Take it either alone or with someone you love and trust who won’t fuck with you. I’m the same brother I hate being around people I don’t know and I especially hate being around those I haven’t established trust with

  5. mateo_flows says:

    Maybe take it out in nature alone your first time to become familiar with it. Acid is pretty resilient not like shrooms which can be extremely slippery. It’s likely it could improve your social anxiety but definitely test in an environment that’s you control the factors.
    Start with a quarter dose and work your way!

    I wouldn’t worry about a bad trip as long as your in a good environment and have a decent mindset going in your going to be fine.
    Here’s a good mantra for you: There are no bad trips, only challenging trips.

    I hope this serves you 🦋🙏❤️

  6. Ericrobertson1978 says:

    I’ve been using psychedelics for 28 years now.

    LSD and MDMA greatly helped my crippling social anxiety that I had from birth-my mid 20s. I first took LSD in 1993 at 15 years of age.

    I used to go to a lot of raves in the 90s, and it helped immensely.

    Getting older also helped me give less of a fuck what others think.

    I’ll talk to anyone now without a huge adrenaline dump and anxiety.

    A ‘bad’ trip can be extremely uncomfortable. You can fear that you are dead, dying, going to hell, etc etc. It can be terrifying, but I’ve found that my most difficult experiences were typically the most beneficial.

    Psychedelics put things in a different light. It changes prospective. They can radically alter your entire paradigm.

    If psychedelic therapy was readily available, I’d suggest you do that.

    Start with 75ug and work your way up from there.

    MDMA was amazing as a social lubricant, especially in combo with LSD.

    EDIT. Syntax

  7. hunman2019 says:

    Lsd can make you painfully aware of “awkwardness”. But it isn’t really a bad thing, me and my homies would usually just acknowledge it and laugh about how “off” that interaction was. Idk what it is it’s just like the acid makes you hear yourself from an outside perspective and you say random intoxicated shit and trip yourself out over it.

    And a “bad trip” can be a variety of things but tbh it never is truly bad. In the moment it might be scary but usually it’s because the acid is forcing you to deal with some internal issues you been avoiding. Other than that a “bad trip” may be one not being able to let go and accept deep spiritual experiences or the ego holding on for dear life on the verge of an ego death. Shit can be scary but honestly in retrospect I don’t consider even my most terrifying and humbling experiences bad, those are the ones I learned the most from. The key really is just acceptance of whatever this weird drug is telling you

  8. LukaB123 says:

    I’m very socially anxious. It really depends on the circumstances. Sometimes I talk and talk and talk and sometimes I retreat into my head. I say learn yourself. Take it alone. as a socially anxious person on acid, talking to people kind of makes me think I’m crazy and self conscious. If you’re really that worried about it I would not take acid.

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