Mescaline compared to LSD or Shrooms?


I am curious what to expect or how they differ for you folks, as I’ve had a couple pleasant shroom trips and hella intense but great LSD trips but what am I to expect from the mescaline, when I decide it’s time to try? What are the effects like if it’s combined with weed?

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5 thoughts on “Mescaline compared to LSD or Shrooms?

  1. golmozak says:

    i had full spectrum cactus (not just pure mescaline) and mushrooms. never tried lsd. both mushrooms and cactus are colorful and magical. for me mushrooms felt more like a kid and gave me that curiosity a kid has. and with cactus you get the every thing is going to be ok feeling. you feel optimism, happy,awesome and like everything has a significant meaning and importance. you can feel the life energy of everything. i guess pure mescaline is pretty similar to cactus (mescaline is main alkaloid+a little of more alkaloids that may change the trip a little)

  2. uRoyax says:

    And also mescaline kind of enhances colors and nature. I smoked a dab while walking on MAL and when it hit i felt like i was walking through a jungle(theres a lot of vegetation here).

  3. PlentyCalendar says:

    I hope you get your answer. I just wanted to state my opinion that the peculiarities and idiosychrocies are what define the style of a substance for me. Therefore describing them is difficult.

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