My brother wants to do a 1000ug (ten tabs)


He’s done acid plenty of times before. I think 400 or 500 has been his maximum dose of LSD. He’s also done nearly 7 grams of shrooms at once too and a little bit of DMT. He knows what he’s doing when he is doing when he does psychedelics and does not do them often. About 2 weeks minimum between trips. However, his friend has him convinced that his whole world will melt and will be an \*incredible\* experience. Other than a “bad trip” what are the risks he is facing? He does not have the LSD yet…

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35 thoughts on “My brother wants to do a 1000ug (ten tabs)

  1. highonnet says:

    One day your brother (and everyone else) will discover that dosage has nothing to do with it. Higher doses don’t automatically equal a more intense trip. At times it could do the opposite.

    But experimenting is good. Go for it.

  2. SultrieFetche4u says:

    it may be worth considering that doing a high as hell dosage just for the fuckie wuckies isn’t necessarily the right move. psychedelics deserve respect, and they’ll drag it out of you kicking and screaming if you don’t.

    it sounds like your brother is pressured easily. just let him know your concerns (if you do have any) and let him know it’s worth respecting the substance. long term psychosis is no laughing matter and certainly not worth doing to yourself for the sake of just dicking around.

  3. Positive-Exercise323 says:

    I think it’s important to let your brother know that you will support him either way, but let him know your concerns. People will always be curious and this is part of his journey. He will be okay but will probably suffer from some mild hppd but he seems experienced, so alongside determination he should be able to simply make the best out of it.

  4. assrangerdanger says:

    Set and setting is more important than dose. Taking pretty much any substance outside of your comfort zone is going to produce a more intense experience for most people. I’d say take a few hits and enjoy a beautiful place outdoors. Preferably away from any cities or strangers… I’ve had a half tab do barely anything for me indoors, only mild color and perception change, no trippy visuals or euphoria. A week later I took the other half in the woods and watched the forest turn into what looked like a flowing river. Comfort zone VS no comfort zone, inside VS outside has made huge differences.

    San Pedro is a particularly weird one because it simply will not make me feel euphoric if I take it inside. I’ve had 4 trips now where I’m feeling very little for the come up or even the whole trip. However it’s like it completely changes if I go outside. Then I feel like I’m rolling within 15-30 minutes. My point is: 10 hits is a huge dose that’s really just unnecessary. It’s better to blast off with ayahuasca, mushrooms, or DMT because LSD lasts a very long time and it can easily turn into a blacked out psychosis where the person is completely unresponsive, confused, and afraid.

  5. jcsimmkg says:

    I personally had to the greatest time of my life on about 2600 of liquid. I was in the mountains camping watching the sun come up through the trees, fire still slightly going. It was probably the most beautiful moment in my life. That night helped me kick nicotine, and even my feeling of dependence of weed.
    Either way be safe and enjoy!

  6. Zimgar says:

    Think about alcohol, I know it’s a different substance but most things are like this. Great to have a couple, great to even go a little crazy sometimes but don’t be the idiot that needs his stomach pumped. Imo 1000 is being the idiot.

    Feel free to replace alcohol with almost any substance, he’ll vitamin D/C/whatever. There is doing high doses and then there is being reckless. We don’t actually have data that says doing extreme high doses of psychedelics doesn’t have some lasting affect, I’d personally say it’s not worth it unless you are older and terminal.

  7. Gman1905 says:

    On my ~1250mg dose it was the fastest onset I’ve experienced to make a long as story short I believe I was kicked out of “heaven” after I was given the ability to “lucid dream” however I used this ability to do all kinds of chaotic and illegal things the trip convinced me I did all those things in real life rather than in a trip and I saw videos of myself doing all these crazy things (car chases, bank heists, assault) I remember at one point looking into the mirror and “the devil” was behind me biting my neck. I wish your brother the best of luck and warn that maybe he doesn’t need to do that much lsd I still get shaky talking about it to friends and when I smoke weed sometimes if I’m high enough it’ll feel like I’m there again and it makes me paranoid af

  8. Captnhappy says:

    Other than set and setting and the usual safety concerns, nothing. Safe sailings! 1200/1400 was a pretty standard dose in the early 60s acid test days, before it was illegal

  9. trippy692 says:

    Everyone saying dose doesn’t matter, yes low doses can be so much more meaningful and useful but at the same time pushing ug does have difference lol, I’ve pushed 1050ug before, managed it fine but the body high(pressures, etc) reaches extensive levels aswell as the visuals disorienting my entire array of veiw at times, would randomly lose all perception here when I got too in thought so we decided wed stop walking around during our deep convos that trip😅 disassociation I heard, happens when sober now more frequent but nun bad, lowkeu helps me rlly elaborate on thoughts without distraction. My 1kug experience was fanominal and not in just the physical and visual aspect, my mental rlly got where was needed, but that trip my buddy long time childhood freind only took 350ug, man was getting to realizations like he was on the same level as me, it’s trully where u put uour mental. But increasing ug, with capable understanding and grip on it, is beneficial. Just can be misleading especially with acid, mushies won’t do u wrong tho, pushed 10grams lemon teck method not too long ago, finominal

  10. Maleficent-Art-2563 says:

    Without having made the crystal LSD , prepared it to drop, and dropped it yourself you can never truly know your dosage it’s speculation, a guess. My childhood friends ,Slay aka Eric Slaymaker , RIP from OD, and Greg Martin, craziest MFs I ever met, who knows what happened to Greg , anyway they were both Marines stationed in California in the 90s and they were the guys who brought LSD to the Lancaster /Chester county Pa area from SF, after the marines they both ended up living up on the Haight with the deadies and learning the psychedelics trade from the Fam and bringing back enough LSD to dose our whole area from Harrisburg to Philly and Scranton to Ocean city for years. Before Eric died he was bringing grams of crystal LSD and manufactured tabs without ever having a permanent address, just yo yo coast to coast with acid, eventually he was arrested in a motel in Leola Pa with 30,000 tabs on the beds drying , I remember them , red ants and red roses so strong ,serious trips. After the arrest he went down hill and ended up ODing from heroin up in the New Holand area, some suspect he was giving a hot shot over some money ,Anyway from all this experience witnessing these guys dose sheets, I would ask him , how do you know how much is on each hit, his answer was ,oh I have no fuckn clue , enough to trip I hope. It was a very sloppy process and the doses varied drastically and were not centered or even through the whole blotter and this was how it was being done in SF also.

  11. sepv00 says:

    I tripped on 500mcg and I barely had visuals, but my body was totally freaking out. Would not recommend. Two days ago I tripped on 200mcg and ended up having a seizure and was rushed to hospital. Higher dosages don’t equal a better experience imo. It can help, but isn’t everything. My best acid trip was on 50mcg (but I weighed 75 pounds back then so maybe that played a role too). It was the start of my recovery from anorexia and depression

  12. Down_key says:

    It’s over whelming and you need to be strong mentally but it has tons of potential to be a great time. People are different tho. I took 12 tabs of 125ug each and my buddies did too. We where fine. However my other friend ate 7 the night after and blacked out. (Doing some wonky shit afterwards.) If you can stay grounded and positive you can get through it. Also 4 was my max dose before I did 12.

  13. Live-Fee5421 says:

    You do not get much after 400mcg.

    The receptor activation is saturated at that dose, so more does not increase effect and perceived differences in experience likely are attributed to psychosomatic perception of the fact you ingested “more”, the only real difference that will occur is a somewhat prolonged experience.

    1000mcg is a waste of good LSD. Stick with 200mcg-300mcg for your heroic doses.

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