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25 thoughts on “Opinions on mixing Psilocybin and Cannabis?”

  1. People who are used to it don’t usually have a problem. I use weed to boost things. On the come down, a little smoke will bring some fireworks for a few minutes, and then grounding after.

    People who are not so used to it maybe be taken aback by the power it brings, and feel overwhelmed by psychedelic noise.

  2. I’m a daily smoker and I usually will smoke at different stages of the trip. I’d recommend rolling joints before the trip as smoking a pipe or something else could prove to be more difficult. I usually take around 4 grams so you should be just fine to smoke on 1

  3. I would say avoid it on your first trip all together. Maybe a bit on the comedown but avoid it on the come up and peak. Ime weed is the catalyst to many, if not most bad trips. Really has a way of cranking up the trip.

  4. Acrobatic-Claim3856

    I smoked a bit too much on my first trip of 1g shrooms. Wouldn’t recommend. A smaller amount of is probably nice

  5. Since you smoke daily you should be fine. I would still advise to smoke towards the end of you trip. This way you can see what effect shrooms really have by themselves.

  6. Just a warning every bad trip i have had started after smoking weed during the peak. Sometimes weed makes the trip way better but sometimes it induces fear and confusion. If its your first trip i would recommend just smoking on the come down and just see what the mushrooms have to offer by themselves. But you may have the best trip of your lide if you add weed. You never know until youre there.

  7. Economy-Database-418

    here’s what i’d do man, roll a joint before hand, take your shrooms and wait atleast 4 hours to see how hard your tripping. If you can handle taking it up a notch or if the trip isn’t intense after 4 hours smoke that joint cuz it’ll definitely make you trip harder

  8. Impossible_Tennis998

    I smoke 24/7 and honestly don’t recommend it except with low doses of mush.. Anytime I smoke when taking 2-3 grams it induces a ton of anxiety for me even with my crazy tolerance to weed.

  9. daily smoker – weed has only boosted my psychedelic experiences.

    If anything I’d feel slightly more anxiety without due to aforementioned daily consumption – not really enough to matter ime.

  10. Smoking makes the trip MUCH more interesting imo and I’ve done it on every trip. With that being said be very careful to not smoke too much. You should know you are much more likely to develop HPPD by mixing.

  11. Smaller dose I say do it. It’s good to try it pure by itself tho the cannabis enhances and alters it in my experience. At high doses tho cannabis can be a bit to much for me. I’m also a daily smoker for years

  12. I’d say to maximize the ability for the mushroom to be a good and deep experience, quit 1 week before. Minimum don’t smoke on the day before, quitting three days before is significantly better than that. It takes power away from the mushroom and removes direction from the trip.

  13. Educational-Theory57

    No not if canna. Makes you paranoid or anxious don’t do it for me canna does so be wary could make a good trip bad as it did for a so and so from mars who tried it wink wink 😂

  14. I’ve only posted a couple hundred posts on this subject, but the tldr; is, it’s counter productive to combine the two, unless your only goal is to trip balls.

    Longer version is, THC activates the Default Mode Network, which is the seat of the ego. Psilocybin deactivates the DMN, like meditation does. When you combine the two, you create a tug-of-war for the DMN. Part of the DMN includes the sub-cortical amygdala. This is why some people experience heightened anxiety on THC. If you are prone to anxiety, it’s best to not combine THC with psilocybin, as you are likely to drag your anxiety into the experience, since the ego is still active.

    Save the cannabis for the integration period when it’s actually helpful.

  15. Weed amplifies the shit out of psychedelics for me but if you are a regular weed smoker it shouldn’t be AS bad. But for your first time taking mushies, it’d be good for you to get a baseline feel of only mushies

  16. As a daily smoker, adding weed to the mix can push you over the edge into some real paranoia. If u do smoke, only do a little.

    Literally had the worst trip of my life last night. Idk if it’s bc I have depression, bc I mixed weed, or if it’s just acid I don’t have a good time with… But yeah, shit can go from 0 to 100 then to -100 real fucking quick.

  17. You are getting a ton of responses, but I’ll add mine as well 🙂

    cannabis his a synergistic effect with psychedelics. That means that it enhances and changes the effects of psychedelics. Some people enjoy this, and some people react negatively.

    I personally prefer to always smoke when I take psychedelics. I enjoy the boosted visuals and significantly altered headspace.

    However, for your first time I would recommend NOT smoking, at least until the very end. That way you will get an idea of what mushrooms are by themselves.

    Whether you like the addition of cannabis (like me) or not, it is undeniable that the overall experience is different. So try the shrooms by themselves first and try another time with weed. And then decide after that which experience you would like to have in the future!

  18. I love cannabis combined with psilocybin. It slows things down a bit, it is nice.. just remember everything in moderation

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