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  1. Pretty much every drug comes from something living, besides of course synthesis of the drug. Mescaline, lsa also from morning glory, sea dmt I think from a sponge or sea cucumber, or dmt from Mimosa/acacia, but most drugs in general come from organic material

  2. Not personally, I haven’t developed a relationship too deeply yet but use hape daily. That being said in a book I read there was an anthropologist/book writer that used ambil, a very strong mapacho paste and felt like a jaguar to the point of “feeling” whiskers and having an urge for wild chickens when he was a vegetarian lol. There’s a book about tobacco and ayahuasca that’s a great read. I believe it was in that book. It also amplifies whatever substance, hallucinogenic, that you are using as well so if you’re not where you want to be you can use hape or tobacco to get there. Keep in mind though nicotine can and WILL kill you in small doses in taken orally and bot smoked so please for the sake of yourself and others be cautious if you start working with it. This is why I’m taking a slow approach to it. Tobacco and datura scare me enough to not jump in head first lol

  3. I’ve been reading about the use of Syrian rue seed to potentiate dmt and analogues like psilocybin, it’s used to enhance the visuals and is supposed to have an amplifying effect. Many also talk about struggling to ingest the concoction made by boiling a few grams of the crushed seeds, also having a fairly strict diet for a few days before. Theres side effects of high heart rate that can be dangerous during a trip with the combination of mushrooms cause by modern diets. Still undecided about trying them myself but was certainly interested after hearing Terrance McKenna discussing it briefly in a recording of him.

  4. Peyote, many cacti have mescaline, ayahuasca many types of plants contain dmt bobinsana, sananga, wild tobacco, the south American rainforest has many and more that I’ve never had any experience with.

  5. Also this is not a plant but the Colorado river road has a venom that is not poisonous, but they say if you lick ones back you’ll trip on a DMT like substance

  6. I’ve got a book with over like 100 classified as psychedelics. Mayne a dozen or so will produce visuals but the list is extensive. There’s many that just aren’t mainstream as well since they require specific diets for long periods of time otherwise the plant would certainly kill you. Most psychedelics are toxins and it takes a lot to be able to use the more exotic ones.

  7. Check for the encyclopedia of psychedelic drugs. Author Christian Raatsch. Spelling might not be right without a quick search, but he’s an ethnobotanist with a worlds full of knowledge on how cultures around the world have used plants for multiple purposes. He also wrote, and or contributed to, some other worthwhile reads.

  8. Salvia is not really a psychedelic but…

    As other pointed out, San Pedro, Peyote. But be careful these compounds shall be treated with the most of respect.

    Ayahuasca, meaning the root bark and Syrian rue. Again respect is needed.

    Cannabis is not either a “traditional” psychedelic but high oral dose can definitely be considered psychedelic.

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