Psychedelics & disassociation at moderate-higher doses


So I’ve tripped around a dozen times at this point, a little over half on shrooms and the rest on LSD. Each time I’ve done psychedelics I’ve incrementally raised the dosage, and I’ve only ever lacked visuals the first time I took shrooms, which was probably around 1.3 grams (could’ve been lower, honestly).

I’ve seen a lot of people when describing comparably higher doses of psyches say that the visuals sort of overlay their vision and overtake everything. I haven’t done a big enough amount of shrooms yet to reach that point (most has been 4g) but the most acid I’ve taken was 325-400ug – my friend who bought the acid had given a buddy and I two tabs, one of which was around 3 times the size of the other, and I took it.

However, as I approached my peak, I became so disconnected that I literally couldn’t focus on my vision; it took an enormous effort to be present, and so I couldn’t really ‘experience’ the visuals properly. So far, that’s what I’ve experienced on “higher doses” (I’m not a biweekly or even monthly tripper, I get that 325 may be a ‘normal dose’ for some), and I was wondering what people’s recommendations were. Notably, this trip broke my trip rule and was probably 100ug above what I had taken previously. Is this related to disassociation, and if so would taking a lower dose fix it or what?

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