Questions about mescaline cacti


Hi, me and a friend want to experience mescaline for the first time in the near future.
We both have various experiences on other psychoactive substances and thought it would be time for something special.

I’ve been googleing my ass off for the past 2 days and can’t find anything specific on the following questions:

(For all questions assume we bought an San Pedro)

1. What is a common dosage for a medium to hard trip when the cactus is still fresh?
Many sites state many different things here. 4g / kg of body weight, 510 grams and so on…
So what did you guys do on your first trip?
2. What is the best way to prepare the cacti? Dry them and just eat them, make a tea? What do you guys prefer?
3. Is the body load on the trip heavy?
4. What are the hallucinations like? LSD Similar?

I would really appreciate anyone trying to help us out here, we dont want to overdose and end up fucked up. So some clarification would be nice here.

Thanks in regards!! 🙂

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One thought on “Questions about mescaline cacti

  1. zeje says:

    If you consume the inner flesh of San Pedro, you are in for the most horrifyingly bitter taste experience of your life, and it won’t help your trip. Here is the proper preparation:
    1) Use a knife to cut a v groove down each ridge, removing the spines.
    2) Slice/peel the green skin off the body of the cactus in strips, avoiding the white flesh entirely.
    3) Bundle the strips together with rubber bands and put in the freezer until frozen solid.
    4) Grate the frozen strips into a sauce pan and simmer until reduced to a small glass’s worth of liquid.
    5) Strain and drink. I recommend having some chaser available just in case.

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