Recommandation for new dosage after quitting ssri


I’m new to psychedelics and tripped 3 times since summer 2021.

First is 180ug of lsd with my tripsitter only. Amazing but a little bit confusing in a good way. I’ve overcome one hell of a thought loop and learn a lot from the whole trip. Lots of visuals

Then I switch to shrooms : liberty caps i’ve found this autumn, have a pretty decent stash.

Took around 0.75gr ( 15 libs) in a social context and once again amazing. No visual but very intense euphoria and intense emotionnal conversations with my friends, amazing flow of idea and enhanced empathy.

Last time around 1gr (20 libs) on my own, SO was just checking on me without interfering. No much visuals once again but had a blast of creativity. Drawing music writing and thinking a lot about my addictions.

After that I made the decision (approved with my psychiatrist) to stop gradualy my ssri. Had a hard time with the withdrawal and it took more time than expected.

But here I am ssri free and back on track with no relapse of anxiety or depression at all. Yeah !

Now the question is : should I change the dose of psychedelics ? The 3 times I’ve tripped I was stoping my meds for only 2 days prior to the trip. It’s not much so I think meds were still interacting on the trips.

I was planning for a 1.5 to 2gr of shrooms for my next trip but now I think it may be too much because I do not have that kind of tolerance ssri gave me before.

Should I trust my guts and go back to 1gr or less ?

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