Removal of inhibitions


I realization I’ve recently had is that my subconscious inhibitions really hold me back. I’ve noticed / recently had the epiphany, that I have a lot of subconscious inhibitions. I enjoy the idea of acting, but I find often that the idea that I have in my head for how I want to perform never really comes to fruition and i always am left feeling like I can do better. It’s hard to explain, but I recently realised its a subconscious “block” I have. I’m looking at exploring acid soon anyway, but was wondering if anybody had any advise on how I could target my experience to try and address this. I found a similar kind of mental block last time I tried acid (also the first time) where I couldn’t let myself go and experience it, I was constantly resisting, whenever the effect became too strong I would pull myself back. It was like being on the edge of a high diving board/jumping rock and running to the edge only to stop myself before I lept. Im generally quite an anxious and awkward person and this was what I wanted to try and work on with my trip. Any advice would be hugely appreciated

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