Shrooms or LSD and a Hangover?


The word on the street is if you have a hangover from drinking to much alcohol Mushroom or a RC will help you knock out the hangover please folks I cant be live it . Whats the real deal?🚀🐱‍🚀👨‍🚀

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6 thoughts on “Shrooms or LSD and a Hangover?

  1. DrMacacoSmith says:

    It’s true! .25 to .5 grams will take part of the the mind and body load. Drink lots of water or electrolites, eat well but not heavily and have a coffee. There’s no miracle cure for hangovers but this does make a difference.

    Another tip: get some n-acetylcisteine and have a pill the day you’re drinking (or two before if possible) and on the hangover day and the next one.

    You’re welcome.

  2. craniumouch says:

    hangover isn’t really affected. drink lots of water, eat real food, that sort of thing is the only real hangover ‘cure’. you pretty much just need to wait for your body to finish processing it

  3. Responsible_Bad_2989 says:

    There are a few hangover cures (coming from a past alcoholic) but they aren’t easily accessible, if you go to an urgent care for either a saline solution or some anti nausea meds which I can’t remember the name of

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