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6 thoughts on “Shrooms or LSD and a Hangover?”

  1. It’s true! .25 to .5 grams will take part of the the mind and body load. Drink lots of water or electrolites, eat well but not heavily and have a coffee. There’s no miracle cure for hangovers but this does make a difference.

    Another tip: get some n-acetylcisteine and have a pill the day you’re drinking (or two before if possible) and on the hangover day and the next one.

    You’re welcome.

  2. hangover isnโ€™t really affected. drink lots of water, eat real food, that sort of thing is the only real hangover โ€˜cureโ€™. you pretty much just need to wait for your body to finish processing it

  3. There are a few hangover cures (coming from a past alcoholic) but they arenโ€™t easily accessible, if you go to an urgent care for either a saline solution or some anti nausea meds which I canโ€™t remember the name of

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