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Shrroms, lsd and mdma….help me out here


Okay so Monday night I did shrooms, didn’t get a ton off of it so I did 300mcg acid. Had an otherworldly, amazing trip.

So thur, 3 says later I got some mdma. It was supposed to be 99% pure, it came as a white crystaline powder, (which is what pure mdma looks like) and it had that characteristic liquorice taste.

Even the crappiest mdma works by 200mg. I took 210 and was not feeling anything! I have read that some people have issues rolling the day after tripping, although many do not. One of them said they just needed a lot more mdma than usual to roll. So I took another 100mg, 300 total. I also tries eating a little as sometimes my roll doesn’t kick in unless I have some food in my belly

Now normally, to get a good roll I have to wait 3-4 days in-between molly doses. It takes my brain that long to replenish the serotonin and dopamine levels.

But acid and shrooms do not deplete your serotonin. It works LIKE serotonin, ON serotonin receptors, but it does not cause your brain to dump all its chemicals like mdma. It would seem to make sense that doing shrooms or lsd after mdma could have diminished effect, but not the other way around.

Furthermore, like i said its been 3 days to begin with, so even if it did mess with my serotonin I know my body well enough that this should not be an issue.

Does any one else have this problem? Like I said, I read anecdotal reports that mdma doesn’t work as well the day after tripping, but this has been far longer than that.

Did I get bunk mdma? I don’t think so, I’m pretty good at recognizing it and the taste is SO distinct, if it were an rc or something it would taste totally different. And i do feel a little “simulated” physiologically, but no roll whatsowver. I don’t wana go bitch at my dude if it has nothing to do with quality.

Has anyone else had this problem or have a theory as to what’s going on here‽

SOLVED: had nothing to do with the shrooms or lsd. Unbeknownst to me, flexeril works by attaching to serotonin receptors, and I happened to have taken on this morning. With a binding affinity 6x stronger than mdma, that is most certainly the culprit!

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2 thoughts on “Shrroms, lsd and mdma….help me out here”

  1. Definitely sounds bunk. You’d be able to roll, even if it was a bit different due to you tripping recently.

    3-4 days is not enough time to replenish serotonin levels. To oversimplify, when you roll that close together your body will release more dopamine and norepinephrine than serotonin since you won’t have that much serotonin left. That’s why it still feels good, just not nearly as good. The problem is that this can damage your serotonin receptors when you roll when your serotonin is depleted.

    It’s a much better idea to trip 2 weeks apart then roll 2 weeks apart. You should only be rolling a couple times a year MAX. I had a horrible experience abusing MDMA in the past and out of anything I’ve ever abused, it was by far the most catastrophic. Just stick with psychedelics and wait at least 2 weeks for the tolerance break.

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