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Static noise when falling asleep on shrooms?


Two years ago I had some shrooms on a lovely monday, but as it often happens, I got sleepy and tired. I tried to lay down and get some sleep, but as soon as I was about to fall asleep, a loud static noise came trough my head and woke me up. This happened two or three times, and I got kind of scared that it was a brain stroke. The sounds was very loud, static, and felt like it was coming from inside my head.

Have anyone had the same experience, or if anyone knows what it can be?

I’m in good shape, even tho I have periods where I smoke weed daily.

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14 thoughts on “Static noise when falling asleep on shrooms?”

  1. Just your brain being open to expecting different events than when you’re sober. It’ll interpret something as something else because the shrooms have your brain in ‘new-connection’ mode.

    I’d wager, anyway. I’ve experienced a similar sudden startling non-noise.

  2. I am SO glad someone else has experienced this!!!!!!! I had the same thing happen to me just a week ago!! Definitely not a brain stroke, to me, in the moment it felt like my brain was about to tune into a frequency that it wasn’t able to comprehend and I was rejected out of understanding it. Hence the sudden jolt waking you up.

    I tried to talk about what happened to my family but none of them took me seriously

  3. i heard this is too on the dmt come up. not exactly that static noise, more like as if reality cracks. something inbetween static noise and bubble wrap. i once had a similar experience on acid. also a noise kinda like we described. i think if i fully let go on that moment i would have lost it. but my friend wasnt in a very good state so i had to hold on to be there for him.

    idk, maybe ask yourself if it happens again if youre able to let go, kinda meditate and see what happens

  4. Yes, I get this in meditation regularly and now it’s happening a lot when I get peaceful and quit anytime. Since I’ve accepted it, I’ve grown to like it. When I focus on a physical sound from the outside world it disappears. There are alot of explanations for this. The sensory minds projections sound in absence of stimuli.. the basic waves of reality. Sounds of blood pressure change and other shifts in the body. It’s hard to say. I just observe it and notice how it fluctuates and changes( I didn’t notice at first)

  5. I’ve had similar feelings a few times, like a sort of ‘zapping’ feeling shooting through my head while I’m trying to get to sleep. It only lasts an instant but can be shocking as it always catches me off guard. I’ve never experienced it on psychedelics, but I sometimes get it when trying to take a short afternoon nap.

    A quick google suggests something akin to ‘brain zaps’, however these are typically related to anti-depressant withdrawal symptoms and I’ve never been on any anti-depressants so I’m not sure exactly.

    I realise this wasn’t super helpful, I just wanted to let you know you aren’t the only one!

  6. I had experienced this when I was sleeping but also conscious and knowing I’m going to fall asleep for good.
    If it doesn’t makes sense I’m gonna try explaining different. Also it was kinda scary.

  7. I hear background noises on mushrooms for sure. Sometimes they vary though. Sometimes it’s like the sound you hear in movies when people are tuning a radio, sometimes it sounds like dubstep wobbles.

    IIRC the McKenna brothers reported the same phenomenon during their La Chorrera experience. I had experienced it myself, then was blown away to hear them report the same thing.

  8. That’s the exploding head syndrome.

    I get those frequently without taking anything.
    Sometimes static, but can be other loud and fast sounds, like a voice from someone I know calling for me, but really close, like they were talking to my ear.

    It was really scary in the beginning, now I just got used to it! It just happens when I’m about to fall asleep.

  9. Something similar happened to me on a high dose of 2C-B followed by cannabis without a tolerance. Deafeningly loud like the kind of static you hear on a radio when it isn’t tuned in. I had to take a benzo to knock myself out (two actually).

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