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Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese


Ok so first off I shamelessly stole the title of the article I am talking about because its perfect. Anyways, has anyone actually tried Stilton Cheese? Apparently you can get some pretty wild dreams under the influence of this “drug” . While I don’t think its a psychedelic per say, it still seems to have some psychoactive properties. I’ve been meaning to try some but since I smoke too much rabbit tobacco I don’t really get dreams anyways, but when I take break I might try some (could be even wilder on a t-break). Oh yeah link to article:

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese”

  1. I make a point of having a hunk of Stilton in my fridge at all times. I’ve never heard of or experienced any effects at all beyond gustatory bliss.

  2. also, if you smoke, when you take a brake you will dream like crazy anyway for a couple of weeks – it is common phenomena, like your brain tries to catch up on all that suppressed REM. you would need to go good month cold turkey to get back to dream baseline to avoid false positive.

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