21 thoughts on “The age old question LSD or Shrooms?

  1. psilocin72 says:

    I find lsd to
    Be more euphoric and user friendly while shrooms are more spiritual and emotional. For a party or event lsd is probably better. For a small group of close friends or for solo personal growth I believe shrooms are

  2. YaolinGuai says:

    Really depends. I did lsd first but would reccommend shrooms instead due to shorter trips that can be extended reasonably if desired. Medically shrooms provide more benefits than lsd.

  3. Dan_From_Japan says:

    Shroomies all the way, tabs are great but I’ve been burned too many times dropping nBome instead, that’s kinda put me off. Yea I know I should have tested them or just spat them out, but when tabs are hard to find, I was already committed to dropping em once acquired.
    I’d honestly choose shrooms in a bad setting over a random tab in a perfect setting just from past experiences alone.
    First time I had them was shortly before I jumped on a packed 10 hour night bus trip. Luckily I had a wicked mixtape to get me through that, but it was on the edge there at the peak lol, good times.

  4. wh00rr says:

    Lsd I love. But mushrooms blow it out of the water in a few ways.

    Especially with high doses, there’s a lot of wonder with lsd, but higher doses can be a lot more confusing, and filled with delusion. Mushrooms have a much more natural connection if you’re interested spiritually. Higher doses I’ve found it very clear, even though I can get to the same place as very high doses of lsd. Just a lot clearer, a lot less chaos.

    I still love both. This is from my experience working up to about 3000ug, and my top of 15g dry with 8g fresh lemon tek

  5. lushsundaze says:

    I have adhd and found microdosing lsd to be more beneficial than microdosing shrooms. Both I’ve found to be more helpful than the doctor prescribed stuff they give ya for adhd. There’s no logical reason these substances are illegal when alcohol is not only legal – but heavily promoted and totally socially acceptable.

  6. xaniel_the_legend says:

    I prefer LSD as it’s more lucid and euphoric. I have had some pretty God damn life changing experiences on shrooms though. I like to know what I’m getting into, and shrooms are more unpredictable so I definitely prefer acid.

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