Weed is a lot more psychedelic since I’ve did LSD a few times


Does someone else have this too?

I don’t do LSD often. Less than 10 times ever. And I don’t smoke weed often, but I smoked some 3 or 4 times since I first did LSD, and it became different.

It feels a lot more psychedelic and it kinda “activates” mild to medium fractal visuals.

Someone else can relate to that?

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23 thoughts on “Weed is a lot more psychedelic since I’ve did LSD a few times

  1. spktrrr says:

    Happened to me on edibles. Never tried brownies again after that. 😂 My dumbass ate too much and I was like, “Why the hell are there visuals? Ah, fuck. I ate too much.”

  2. hunman2019 says:

    Yeah this is very common, happened to me as well as all my friends. I don’t smoke anymore (used to every day now it gives me panic attacks) but when I did post first trip weed would actually give me visuals if it was dark. Specifically I could see that classic acid pattern on pavement although it was less prominent and wasn’t moving and warping it was just there. Man i miss weed and I miss tripping🙁 those were some good times

  3. hooplalalaaa says:

    i used to be a regular weed smoker. after my first few trips weed started getting more and more intense to me and started feeling like an acid trip. i don’t smoke weed at all anymore

  4. Florian2301 says:

    A lot of people can relate to that ! When starting psychedelics, you should know it can affect the effects of cannabis. Hope you still enjoy it, some tend to regret the feeling of just being stoned rather than hallucinating and so

  5. brylikestrees says:

    This is my experience! I actually like using weed as a tool to meditate on some of the thoughts/realizations I’ve had during trips – it helps me connect to that headspace in a more grounded way. It feels like a big help with integration.

  6. zapata25 says:

    YES. I don’t necessarily get visuals 🙁 lol

    But the headspace I am in when I smoke weed is psychedelic and pretty damn awesome. I am smoking a lot less than I was before I tried psychedelics out.
    So mushrooms, lsa and lsd have certainly changed my relationship with cannabis.

  7. Inevitable-Way3619 says:

    yes omg weed hits so different after tripping. all the positive effects of weed are enhanced for me like full body relaxation, positive mood, and then like you are saying, the psychedelic effects are enhanced. everything just feels mystical and you get a little bit of the child like feeling again. i also recommend microdosing and smoking.. that gives you an insane high.

  8. dualityinfinite says:

    YES! ever since I started tripping, every time I smoke pot I feel like I am back in the trip just a little bit. Its pleasant for me. I noticed the same thing after my first couple of trips, I see very mild tracers and closed eye visuals. I also return to a similar mind state than when I was in the trip.

  9. n0thingandnowhere says:

    Yes, I tripped on acid and took an edible a couple days after and I was at the mall literally having a mild trip. I’ve seen a few more posts about it being a common thing people experience on this subreddit.

  10. SquishedPears says:

    Yeah, I locked myself in a dog kennel and thought I was in hell for like 4 hours on my standard dose edibles, made with a precise concoction of THC and other cannabinoids, so I am pretty sure acid caused that.

    Now it gives me panic attacks when I use weed cuz I go crazy like that. Oops :p

  11. Fossana says:

    When I tried delta8 for the first time (before I ever tried LSD) I only got the following effects:

    * mild euphoria

    * relaxed feeling

    * distorted sense of time

    * malfunctioning short-term memory

    After I tried LSD for the first time, I got/get these effects on delta8 in addition to the ones listed above:

    * Music sounds like how it does on shrooms or LSD, better even.

    * Closed eye visuals. Mostly geometric and very sporadic like fireworks but if I take enough delta8 then I will get semi-vivid scenes.

    * Loss of depth perception, especially if I keep my eyes fixed on a single point. Everything starts to look fake like a painting.

    * Strong vibrations throughout my whole body. Sometimes I feel like I’m in-between the physical realm and another plane of existence. If I take a lot then I feel like I’m an ocean of consciousness and everything is waving/flowing.

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