35 thoughts on “What happens if I drop acid one week after I dropped

  1. DETHDEALER626 says:

    As long ass you don’t trip every weekend often; you should feel it as normal. If you do it every two weeks for a year plus, it gets weaker and weaker till it “loses its magic”… ask me how I know😑

  2. OGSHAGGY says:

    I don’t think anyones ever dared to do this before, but if I had to make an educated guess I’d say you probably get stuck riding a bike for the rest of eternity

  3. 1TisWhatIt1s says:

    Jusy double the dose from prior. You typically need atleast 2weeks inbetween. I went on a crazy run years back where I did acid every week for 2 months. Don’t drop all the time.

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