24 thoughts on “What is your favourite psychedelic and why?

  1. cloroxism says:

    I like L the best because DMT is a bit too much, more of a special occasion type of thing when you’re trying to break through. Mushrooms tend to give me an upset stomach and makes me have that “couch lock” feeling. I get a heavy body buzz with mushrooms that I don’t necessarily experience with LSD. Lucy tends to be more energetic and uplifting as opposed to mushrooms where I usually just feel kind of “blah”. For instance, my favorite thing is tripping while camping/hiking; when I eat mush I just want to sit around the campfire but when I eat LSD I want to be the one to go collect the firewood and tend the fire.

  2. Leemin420 says:

    I’ve only done dmt twice with no bad trips, so that might skew my opinion a bit. But with my limited experience I prefer dmt. It’s a lot easier to control doses, and lasts around 10-20 mins and the comedown is also a lot shorter. Maybe it’s just me but I prefer a shorter more intense trip than a long lasting one with a long comedown. It’s also pretty easy to make, only taking around a day to get a gram, while mushrooms takes months to grow. Mushrooms definitely a close second tho

  3. Odd_Ocelot9140 says:


    Very controllable and predictable dosing if used with good consistent technique.

    Only lasts for a short time but can be made longer with redosing on come down.

    Effects are instant, so no waiting and wondering if you dosed too little/much.

    Can be done in different ways to alter the duration and nature of the effects: changa, pharmauasca, ayahuasca.

    Very cheap, simple, fast, and basically legal (if you know how to stfu) to acquire. Basically way less overhead in every regard.

    Can provide some of the most intense experiences. But can also be used to dip one’s toes into psychadelics for a 5 minute preview with proper dose.

    No tolerance build up.

    Love the smell/taste.

    I love mushrooms but have not done them nearly as many times due to the commitment of time involved. For this reason, I also recommend dmt as the first choice for beginners. Provided they own and know how to use a milligram scale.

  4. david-bowies-buldge says:

    Psilo! Lsd is actually easier for me to handle (I’ve heard many others claim this as well) but I feel more connected to mushrooms. The duration is a huge plus too, especially being in my 30s with a kid. I feel like even though there’s a higher chance of my trip possibly going sideways, I have had the most profound and educational experiences on mushrooms. I also like how it feels ljke there’s a presence with you sometimes, usually a feminine presence. Mushrooms seem to have a very serious or very playful personality to them which I also appreciate. It’s like you’re communicating with an intelligence ♥️ they’ve saved my life and helped me get sober.

    Edit: I’ve tried dmt a few times but haven’t had anything profound (couldn’t get past the first hit). I’ve been sitting on some for months now, too nervous to jump in

  5. DawgtorDope says:

    Psilocybin has done the most for me
    LSD has been the most fun all though psilocybin is fun sometimes too I like the electric feeling from acid
    Never tried dmt something I’d like to try one day, when I’m a little more mature and ready.

    Took shrooms the most
    Lsd I took a faire amount of times, my best trip was on lsd also had a very intense weird trip with the worst loop kept getting up going to the bathroom for no reason and I couldn’t stop doing it.

    Had amazing and bad experiences with both substances

  6. bigballsblues says:

    Salvia, Out of any hallucinogen ive tried I continually go back to Salvia simply because I enjoy the bizarre nature of it and the visuals are incredible for me.

    If i didnt pick Salvia, Mescaline would be my second choice. Love Mescaline for nearly the exact opposite reasons of Salvia, but visuals on both substances are equally wonderful.

  7. ShturmansButtPlug says:

    I’ve done shrooms and acid (tested) almost the exact same amount of times and shrooms are by far my favorite. The trip is much shorter and for me much more manageable. I don’t get the classic lsd end of trip headaches. On shrooms I can function the next day exactly as I would if I hadnt taken anything unlike with acid I’ll still feel high the next day. Shrooms take me where I need to be and with lsd I kinda have to take myself places if that makes any sense. Shrooms make me cozy and with no anxiety and acid gives me energy and the want to party. It all depends on the person, I’d rather chill in a room or in a hammock outside alone and not really move too much so that’s why I like shrooms much more

  8. srose89 says:

    With shrooms, you have more control over the dosage. You can always take more but you can’t ever take less. In my experience, LSD is a better trip overall but you don’t really know what you’re going to get as much.

  9. craniumouch says:

    I just love how ‘customizable’ acid always is for me. I’ve taken decently small doses that I’ve had really strong experiences on, and large doses that I went to school/work on comfortably, and everything in between. I enjoy being able to theoretically do it in almost any context I would want to, and I’ve grown very fond of the specific feeling the whole thing has. That being said, always open to playing around with other stuff

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