What was your most spontaneous trip?


Tell me about your most unplanned, random trip you ever took. My story is long so if you just feel like sharing please feel free to skip the rest of this post. Here’s mine: This happened August 14th 2021. I live on a small island on the west coast of Canada and my home is “in the middle of nowhere”.

So anyways theres a waterfall about 3km away from my house that I hike to every single day I’m at home. On this particular day on my afternoon walk I came across some campers out in the woods in a clearing near the waterfall. I walked over to them and asked them for a cigarette. There was 4 of them 2 guys 2 girls. The one guy said “sure but you have to come smoke with us” and as a very social person I happily obliged. The guy then rolls me a cigarette and says “i hope you dont mind i got lavender in my tobacco” and i thought to myself oh yea these guys are hippies haha. We sat and smoked while introducing ourselves to each other and just talking about how beautiful the island is and how great it was to be there. I had a joint that I was gonna smoke at the waterfall but instead decided to light it up and pass it around. The other guy tells me “don’t mind if we all start acting weird soon we took mushrooms right before you got here”. I laughed and responded “well you guys are my kinda people”. We sat around and smoked for a while longer then I decided to head home and let them enjoy their mushroom trip. Before I left I asked if they would be cool if i came by later that night to hangout for a while. They told me they’d be sad if I didn’t.

So on the walk home im furiously debating whether to take some acid over with me. I am very strict with my psychedelic usage especially with set and setting and who I trip around. They were very chill tho and I could see if being a good time and a cool memory. My mind was made up when I remembered that I was 20 minutes from home if things went bad.

Once it got dark I rolled a bunch of joints, grabbed a tab (100ug) and headed to their campsite. As I approached I turned my flashlight on myself and called out to them because I knew they were tripping and didnt wanna just pop out of the bushes on them. They greeted me and I sat down with them. They were just eating supper so we sat and talked while they did so and I mentioned I had some acid I was considering taking. Immediately the guy who rolled me the cig responded “oh hell yea we have acid too if you take a tab ill take one with you”. Everyone else agreed. Bet. After they ate we all took a tab. We sat around playing Uno and smoking cigarettes while we waited for the effects. After about 75 minutes we all agreed we were mildly feeling it. (They obviously had tolerance and I personally need about 200ug to consider myself tripping). I lit up a joint and we passed it around. The weed made me feel amazing I felt loose and warm and just grateful to be where I was doing what i was doing.

I told everyone that we should go into the opening and lay in the grass as we were in the middle of a meteor shower. We did so and one of the girls asked if I had any good music I wanted to play. “Oh yea im your guy” I responded. I connected to her speaker and put on Pink Floyd’s album Wish You Were Here. We all laid in the grass smoking weed and cigs in absolute awe of the beauty of the music and the night sky, erupting with excitement whenever a meteor would occasionally flash across the sky. For hours we stayed there talking, smoking, and just straight up vibing.

I was very high but not tripping. The only psychedelic effects I had the whole night were the music enhancement and one very strange visual; if i focused really hard on a single star the rest of the stars in my peripheral would slowly fade into black. The sky would then turn grey and what appeared to be grey vines would fall from the sky. The craziest thing about this was that once I unfocused my eyes the sky would return to normal. But if I focused on a single star the exact same hallucination would occur. Did this about 5 times. I could do it on demand which is the exact opposite of what visuals are usually like for me.

Eventually we decided to call it a night and they went back to camp and I went home.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. I really tried my best to keep it short and concise but I am bad at that when writing. Much love everyone💙

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