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30 thoughts on “What’s a cool way to say someone is into or supportive of psychedelics”

  1. Psychonaut. Though this definitely indicates to me someone who is very passionate about exploring psychedelics and other psychoactive drugs and not just someone who has tried a small shroom dose once or someone who is just “supportive” of other people taking psychedelics.

  2. You can buy some MAPS apparel and have people ask about it! Like a beanie or shirt!

    MAPS stands for Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. It was founded in 1986.


    In conversation just say you support MAPS!! It’s sure to draw a question and perhaps break the ice 😎🍄

  3. The other day I tried to use euphemistic language like this at work, I told my coworker that I prefer drugs with a medical healing value and realized later that it sounded like I was a pill popper lol lol

  4. I often tell people I’m a hobbyist mycologist. It’s not incorrect and usually people will bring up actives if they’re into them. If not, I can just continue the conversation with mushroom foraging and don’t look too sus

  5. 420-friendly is super cringy lol if someone said to me they are 420-friendly I’d give them a weird look and walk away lmfao.

    To answer your question, those of us who enjoy exploring consciousness are **Psychonauts**

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