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10 thoughts on “What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened while you were tripping?”

  1. My buddy and I completely linked brains… Very strange and nearly impossible to explain sober.

    Essentially we were accurately reading eachothers minds / exact thoughts for ~3-5 minutes I’d say.

    We first noticed when I was thinking of something to say and he just said the answer to it out loud… We both looked at eachother confused as fuck, he had a thought and I responded (in my head)… i then out loud said “did you just think xyz?” and sure enough…

    it sounds fucking crazy and too insane to be true, and even myself after the experience / sober has a hard time believing it really happened, but apparently this is a somewhat common thing that has happened to other people as well.

    Definitely made me understand the whole notion behind “We are all connected” or whatever that saying is…

  2. One time my friends and I were on acid on a beach in Santa Barbara, CA and we were all tripping pretty hard. We were listening to music, taking in the views, playing in the water, giggling, and having a great time. When all of the sudden, a huge chunk of the seaside cliff that was behind us came apart and fell right next to us, and could’ve easily killed one of us. We were all in shock and also, we were tripping pretty hard that we didn’t notice that we had walked through a lot of tar along the shore and our feet were covered in it. Scraping tar off my feet on acid was one of the worst experiences, but it was still a fun day and makes for a good memory to laugh at. I’m glad no one got crushed by part of the seaside cliff too lmao.

  3. My best friend and me were backpacking in Cambodia together. 2 years later we took acid in my house and remembered our trip there. Everything came back, the smell, the taste the feeling there. We both felt the same, it was like a time machine

  4. My second time time on shrooms I was in a car accident(driver was sober).

    It was nuts, I literally saw the accident happening in slow motion, everyone was fine but I had to call for another ride and get out before the cops showed up because my friends dad was a sheriff and I was convinced he would know I was on something.

    Got the hell out of there and made it to another friends house where I spent the rest of the night playing GTA:Vice City, the irony was not lost on me.

  5. I once tried 1500ug acid by myself and let me tell you that was alot of acid.

    At one point it got so intensive that i felt like i had to throw up. Went for the bathroom, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to lift up the toilet seat so i puked on top of it, causing a splash effect, ending upp with puke all over the bathroom.

    I started to clean it all up and it felt like i was cleaning for days

  6. Tripped alone, 7g shrooms, aliens were attempting to compromise my brain. Endless thought loops, absolutely no sense of time. I kinda blacked out and I was somehow back at work. People were asking me if i was okay and stuff. When I came out of this “blackout” I was back in my room. I had to text a co worker to tell me that this world is real when I come to work tomorrow

  7. Not to me but one of my best friends was tripping on acid at our buddy’s house and one of our other “friends” cut the fuse off of a firework and lit the detached fuse and my friend who was tripping freaked tf out. He darted out of the room as fast as humanly possible and never looked at that “friend” the same after that.

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