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20 thoughts on “Which one do you prefer?”

  1. top10animebuttholes

    imo the bong is the superior smoking device. automatically cools and filters smoke, reusable and easy to clean, easy to add ash catchers for yet more filtering/ cooling, and it’s ready to use as soon as it’s filled, no prep required. it’s perfectly consistent too, which is something really important to me. you’ll never get Scooby snacks, worst that can happen is splashing a drop or two of water in your mouth.

    the only drawback is portability, and even the largest bongs are generally still pretty portable.

  2. Depends on how much time I have and how complicated I want to make it. Normally I go for a bong but if I have the extra time I use my dab set up.

  3. Any of y’all ever tried a (GB) gravity bong? (Water bottle, socket and water source to pull it up). I haven’t smoked since may 14th on a tolerance break but, those are my favorites. It looks ratchet as hell but, they definitely hit the hardest. I was a daily smoker from 2017-2021 and, found that I needed to switch it up and, went completely sober from all substance. I’m 23 so I decided now was the time.

  4. A blunt with a sprinkling of crack rocks 👌

    But actually vaping weed is my go-to now. Convenient and really stretches your flower

  5. TheRealUncleFungus

    The arizer extreme Q vaporizer is the best way to smoke flower at home! Dab rigs for extracts at home. Joints or portable vape for on the go. PAX era pro vape is my new favorite way to smoke on the go! It’s all situational! 🙏🏻

  6. Yo who’s preferred method is joint/blunt and why? Bong is just so much smoother. I’m curious because I don’t know anyone who prefers joint/blunt to bong.

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